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  1. Jana, Thanks again! But -- AKKKHHHH! That...

    Jana, Thanks again!

    But -- AKKKHHHH!
    That hospital stay - nobody complains about the food, I guess!
    I HAVE heard that one can get paralytic ileus (the bowels just stop moving, hopefully...
  2. So you're replying to me and helping me, ...

    So you're replying to me and helping me, already, Jana! Thanks!

    I too love Dr. Weil's breathing technique. Meditation, lying down maybe. I was in a meditation group, until all hell broke...
  3. Meds and driving (and -OK, weight loss)

    Ed, I've been taking opiates for a long time. Mostly, not much as ibuprofen (4/day) seems just as effective with the opiates to make the pain bearable. (10/325 Norco one/day unless something...
  4. "Getting outside"

    Getting outside...And walking.

    Reminds me now that I am finally nearing my surgery, of one of many niggling questions I've had since the start of my investigation - what does one do if the...
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    to MistyBowe

    Rereading Linda's comment, I see I misunderstood it. She specifically said that though many surgeons have abandoned that approach, others evidently thought it carried benefits (better fusion, ...
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    re Iliac crest donor site?

    As I return to surgical consults after an out-of-my-control delay, my understanding (at least with surgeons I've asked this time around) is that they no longer do iliac crest grafts but...
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    Susan, my measurements (with signature) are...

    Susan, my measurements (with signature) are out of date.


    PS Hoping a duplicate entry (above) doesn't post too. Don't know what I did wrong.
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    Susan Cook - Wow, in the worst sense :(

    Referring to your surgical history and measurements.
    What scares me is your measurements are almost the same as mine are now, to a T, including the DDD and stenosis. Except that my tentative...
  9. I wish somebody would answer you! (Just writing to calll attention to your questions)

    My subject line is all I can contribute. I too am very concerned about post op stages of recovery and what one can do. Of course, your young age makes your situation quite different from...
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    Smart, very smart. And FYI older women often...

    Smart, very smart.

    And FYI older women often have their thyroid shields ignored (or sloppily handled) by dentist Xray techs. Thyroid cancer is a lot more common than many are aware, ...
  11. Dear Ed, so sorry to hear of your and your...

    Dear Ed, so sorry to hear of your and your brother's suffering. I believe in prayer and am sending my best prayer effort. (Just happened to spot this sad post today).
    Please allow me to...
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    However, haven't we heard from numerous...

    However, haven't we heard from numerous patients here who have expressed regret about undergoing the surgery because of some aspect of their outcomes? Some, sadly, aren't even able to express...
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    Still confused about when doctors can legitimately be held liable for errors

    Referring to my questions above about your list of possible risks.

    To take but a single example (operating on wrong level) do you really think a surgeon should be help blameless? Of course,...
  14. Spinal Stenosis Surgery and Scoliosis/Kyphosis Surgery. Destabilizing if separate?

    Although owing to breast cancer I can't proceed with active planning for spinal surgery for the foreseeable future (the cancer is to be staged within weeks, after surgery), I am still...
  15. Update Drs. Errico and Schwab (and Dr. Lenke)

    First, I consulted with both Drs. Errico and Schwab over a period of years. They were to have operated on me TOGETHER - quite an honor as well as a reflection, I guess, on how serious Dr. ...
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    Linda Racine - risks list

    I'm unclear about the risks you detailed earlier in this thread. Some, even most, do seem to be the "luck of the draw". However, others (leaving a sponge or other equipment inside, operating...
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    Misc about patient rights

    Sorry my lengthy post above was a hard to read. I was simultaneously searching for airline tickets and (I guess this was the problem) the many open windows with comparative prices made it...
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    Confused on several counts

    1) I've had numerous operations in my lifetime, only one intrinsically more serious than any general anesthesia is (minimally invasive neurosurgery on my cervical spine). ALL of them required me...
  19. Ps

    So sorry, friends, to have disappeared abruptly after my long overdue return. Right after posting, I experienced weeks of massive computer and Comcast problems which kept me offline, and I...
  20. Bad time to check in (killer thread and about to have a mastectomy)...

    No time to write much as breast cancer (routine screening turned it up) has preempted everything for the time being. (I won't know the stage until surgery which is to be finally scheduled on...
  21. Sticky: I KNEW I shouldn't have read this...

    I KNEW I shouldn't have read this thread...:confused:
  22. Hi, Ed! Great to hear from you! You're so...

    Hi, Ed! Great to hear from you! You're so sweet. I missed you (in fact, I ALMOST PMed you from New York during the surgical visits, as I felt my heart racing with pending decisions.)
    Yes, I...
  23. Back and about to Bite the Bullet, but...(lengthy catch-up)

    Hi, all! I was unable to follow through on surgery five years ago, because family members bailed on promised help. In-between, a youngish son (now 26) has expressed willingness to help...
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    Fare thee well, scoli-sister! All best...:) :)...

    Fare thee well, scoli-sister!
    All best...:) :) :)
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    Yeah, the more I think of it (listening to ...

    Yeah, the more I think of it (listening to many others too) age 50 - for women, men-o-pause I s'pose - DOES seem to be a major (bad) milestone scoliosis-wise...:(

    Kind of a ...
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