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01-22-2010, 08:05 PM
I went to my last visit (until after my surgery) at my surgeon's office today! My curve didn't change from my visit in october! Which is a good thing because i was scared that instead of the original operation (T11 - L3) it would change to like, T9 - L4 or something! Thank god that didn't happen! :D
I have to get blood work done February 2nd, which i am not a fan of needles or blood! D:

Please Post a reply! I'd love to here about your story as well! :D


D.O.S.: February 9th

01-23-2010, 12:25 AM
Hey, your surgery is getting really close! Mine is going to most likely be in march/april, unfortunately I haven't gotten a call about the date yet :(
I wish you loads of good luck for your surgery though, and I bet you will be better than ever afterwards!
You are much luckier then me, my fusion is going to be from T4-L3/L4 (my doctor would prefer to go to L3 as this would give me more mobility, but if necessary he will go to L4).
Are you in pain with your curve now?
I am really pleased to have found someone the same age as me on here! (referring to your other post where you said your age :D)
I can't wait to hear how your surgery goes!

PS:In your other post you said you have a curvy side and a flat side, which I also have as well!

01-23-2010, 08:59 PM
I was beginning to think me and Syd (a 13 yr old girl on this forum as well) were the only kids on here! I'm glad your my age as well! :D
T4-L3 or L4? awe! I hope everything goes great for you! Thats like all the way down your back right? gezz I think you'll gain 2 - 3 inches!! :D

My doctor said the same thing about the L3 thing. My L4 is off coenter but he said it will move back into place when he fusses L3.

Um the curve makes me feel uncomfortable. I have to keep switch positions (especially in school!). The only time in comfortable is when im laying flat on my back.

Btw! I'm so shy over my apperence with the curvy vs. flat xD I hope your not! One of my goals after surgery is to break out of my shell! (:

01-24-2010, 01:54 AM
Yeah I haven't been posting much because for a while I thought I was the only kid, and then I spoke to Syd and now there is you as well so I feel abit more comfortable!

My fusion will be pretty big but at least it isn't as bad as some other people I have heard about! My doctor said I should gain about the amount of height you said actually :)

My curve makes me uncomfrotable to and I find when I am sitting I have to change my position a lot other wise when I stand up I am really stiff for ages. Also after playing sport I find my back gets really sore and cramps heaps bad. Lately I have been finding it is becoming less comfortable for me when I lie down, I can just never find a comfortable position. Thankfully I fall asleep quickly so I'm not in that much pain.

I can get pretty shy over my curvy vs. flat sides as well. Mainly I worry what other people might be thinking, but my mum has said most people probably don't even notice a difference, I just notice it because I know it is there. So i am really excited to have surgery, and pray to God i will have equally shaped sides!

What country do you live in by the way? I'm from Australia and was just wondering where you come from?

Are you all prepared for your surgery? Or do you still have more things to do? I am so nervous and excited for mine at the same time though I don't know what to expect post op! I just hope both you and I have no more pain as well as anyone else who has to have surgery!

Bye for now,

01-26-2010, 02:58 PM
So sorry for the late reply!! Im currently studying for my mid-term exams. High School is such a pain.

I'm from the USA and i live in the state of Virginia (: Which part of Australia are you from? I heard Sydney, Australia is gorgeous! I would love to visit it some day!

I saw that your going to Sydney Childrens Hospital! Is it like CHKD (Children Hospital of the Kings Daughters) ?
For example at CHKD they only take care of people from infants to early 20s, others older than that have to go to the normal hospital.

I am not quite sure that I'm ready for surgery yet. Its kind of catching up to me as it slowly aproches. The fear of waking up during surgery or feeling it in my dream gets me scared at times. ): We still have to get my room dusted and I have loads of laundry to do!

I also have an appoinment with my anesthesia doctors on the 4th of February. My mom said they're going do pre op tests. They are also going to test my blood type ):

I'm not i big fan of blood or needles! I'm going to cry my eyes out! ):

01-26-2010, 07:23 PM
No worries, I understand how annoying high school can be as well :)

Oh thats cool! Yeah I live in Sydney, it is quite nice. I like where I live so that is all that matters! The USA is so big! One of my friends went on an exchange for 6 months and she loved it and said it is beautiful so i believe her :D

Yeah I suppose Sydney Childrens Hospital is like the hospital you mentioned. I am not sure what the age limit is, but I would say it would be around 18-20 years. Are you going to this CHKD hospital you wrote about? I am actually quite happy with the hospital I am going to, I have heard mostly only good feedback on it so I am hoping it is a pleasurable experience :)

AH I have worried about waking up as well but I have good trust in my doctor and the anaesthiest to give me the right dose of anaesthetic.

My doctor said my pre op will happen the day before my surgery I think. Which would suck for the fact I live an horu away from the hopsital so I might need to stay somewhere closer to it overnight. I have to have my blood type tested as well! Ergh.

I hate needles as well. I especially hate knowing I will be fully awake when they put the IV in (or so i have heard! :|)

The one thing I hate about my surgery is I won't be able to go skiing at a snow camp my school has! So i will just have to sit around whilst everyone has a good time :( On the bright side I will finally have a straight spine!

01-27-2010, 06:48 PM
yup! it is very big (:

Yeah I'm going to CHKD. My mom said its one of the best in our local area.

They dont have beds in Sydney Children's Hospital?
I have to stay in CHKD for 4 - 5 days after. I'm not looking forward to that! The one thing I'm going to want to do is get back to my own comfy bed (:

My doctor said that they wait until the kid is asleep using a mask or some pills. The nurse said they do it like that because the kids are already scared and its probably their first surgery, so they want to make it as comfortable as possible.
I hope you get to be asleep when the IV goes in! ):

and I know what you mean! My family went white water rafting in the mountains last summer. I was so stoked! But know i wont be able to go until next year! Plus my friend was going to invite be to go with her church group on a skiing trip! I told her i couldnt go... Ive never been skiing before!

Is it fun? Have you been snowboarding too? I wanna snowboard but it looks really hard!

01-29-2010, 08:13 PM
They most certainly have beds at the hospital i will be staying in. I will be in hospital for 7 days (that is what my doctor sadi anyways). I wish I only had to stay 4-5 days! I will miss my bed so much, it is a queen size one and it is massive!

Oh I am hoping I get to be put to sleep before the put the IV in. I don't even want to see it being put in to my arm let alone feel it!

Yeah this year I wanted to play netball outside of school (as I normally do it for sport in school) but I won't be able to as my surgery comes just before the start of the netball season and after surgery I can't play netball for 9 months :(

I haven't been skiing either and that is why I am heaps bummed about the fact that I can't go on the camp. Whilst all my friends will be having fun I will most likely be catching up on work I have missed. My mum said she is going to ask my school if will I am recovering could they give me a laptop so I can complete assignments and homework in my bed as that will be much easier for me to do :) I'm just worried that I will fall behind so much of my work and there is a cahnce my assignment dates that are really important for year 11 will clash with mu surgery and if they do I will get no marks which is really unfair! Life has become so stressful knowing that I have to have the surgery but not knowing the date!

I can't believe your surgery is only 10 days away from when I write this (I think it is, you said your surgery was the 9th of February didn't you?)! I panic over little things so I can't imagine how much I would panic when it gets close to my surgery! I know you will come out of surgery better then ever before though :)

01-30-2010, 03:19 PM
In my school its all about the jocky people.. and they are usually mean so i stay clear of sports... My mom asked the same thing about my laptop. I got it for christmas and when i go back to school i'm not going to be able to carey a 1000+ page literature book, world history book, two little spanish books, and a binder ): and thats just my A-day classes..
We have block scheduling here so its when u have 4 classes one day and your other 4 the next (:

Yeah it caught up to me two days ago right before school. I had i little meltdown and cried a bit but I heard other people go through this as well when it gets close you your surgery date.

I've actually had another date before i was assigned for the 9th of February. It was supposed to be on the 2nd (3 days from now) but it got changed because some of the doctors weren't going to be there. Which is a good thing! I have exams until the 2nd! Plus we have a major snow and ice storm that moved in last night.

So if i was still having surgery on the 2nd then i would have missed 3 of my 7 exams ):

I'm sure you wont panic! I'm at ease most of the time! I just keep thinking 1 more week and it will all be over and I'll be able to sleep all day! (instead of waking up for school at 4:30am.) Just keep thinking positive and just think! Next year you will be so determined to play netball that you'll make the team hands down! :D