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01-18-2010, 05:48 PM
:(Oh my--the anxiety demons have been unleashed. We were away for a few days and came back and I finally got my pre-op paperwork which took 10 days to arrive from NY via snail mail. Of course, until I read that I didn't know I was supposed to be taking iron and colace and not be taking any advil and on the phone with insurance about hospital beds and sickroom equipment and my local Dr.'s switchboard can't even spell scoliosis let alone understand I am trying to coordinate testing b/w here and NY and I just had a complete meltdown. Just reading the description of what they're going to do and all these things I should or should not have been doing and didn't know--arrhgh!! I was going to put kind of a calm post on here asking what those first few weeks at home are really like but I am just so fried right now. And I've got to go back to school tomorrow and be all perky/happy and try to get all the details for spring concert season done in the next 2 weeks.
So--what are the first few weeks like--are you so wiped out and in so much pain you just lie around all day?? Is there anything I will be able to do?? I am hoping and praying I can have this damn hospital bed upstairs where my husband is. I really need some hand-holding right now. Thanks for letting me vent!

01-18-2010, 07:02 PM
Hi Anne...

Things happen for a reason. Perhaps you needed all of the drama to keep you from obsessing about other things.

Everyone's recovery is different. For the first 2 weeks post-op, I was in bed almost 100% of the time. (I was in the hospital for 13 days.) On the other hand, I've known people who were home from the hospital in less than a week, and who spent almost no time in bed. I suspect the norm is somewhere in the middle.

Hang in there. The time will fly by.


01-18-2010, 07:26 PM
Hi Anne,
It will be okay...make a list and check things off as you go. That helped me before my surgery. My first couple weeks at home are a fog. I was in bed alot and sleeping. I did not need a hospital bed. One thing that helped that still does to this day. We have an attic bedroom that has low ceilings by the bed, my husband hung a triangle from a chain on the ceiling that I used to help me pull up and turn my body. I still use it sometimes when I am hurting. I will be having revision surgery soon, so it will be coming in handy once again! Good luck!!

01-18-2010, 08:15 PM

Everyone is different, like Linda said. I was in bed a LOT (probably at least half the day), but I also walked around the neighborhood starting day 1 from when I got home. I also rotated from bed, to chair in the family room, to walking laps around the dining room/living room/kitchen, and then back to the bed. The first 2 weeks were the absolute hardest, but after that, things started to get much, much better. I think by 3 or 4 weeks at the most, my mom and I were walking 30+ minutes with the senior citizens at the mall. (by that time it was November in NJ and cold and icy outside.)

I totally understand your panic, and I was at the same place. Email me if you want with more questions, and if you prefer, we can talk by phone. You will get through this. I promise. ((Hugs))

01-19-2010, 12:00 AM
I agree with others that it's different for everyone. But I wanted to say that for me and I guess for others, you will not be lying in agony for weeks. The medication should kill the pain but I think it's important to mention that you should not stretch out your medication times if you're not already in pain, unless of course you are in the process of getting off the medication. Once the pain starts, it takes longer for the meds to kick in, once they're taken. So take them on time, and when you're in hospital, you might have to rouse the nurses to give you your meds from time to time, as well, if they're running late.

In the first few weeks at home, I slept 1-3 hours a day, the rest of the time I was up and walking, chatting to visitors, watching tv, on the computer, or reading. Sitting was the most difficult position for me so I didn't sit for long, I'd have to get up and move or lie down quite frequently. Our sofa was adorned with pillows for several weeks.

01-19-2010, 09:30 PM
Thanks everyone. After a pretty emotional night last night which my wonderful husband helped me through, I'm a little more settled down.
The PA in my Dr.'s office reassured me that I hadn't unknowingly made any disastrous errors with meds and that yes, I would be able to do stairs so this hospital bed could be put in our room and I would n't have to have our downstairs looking like a nursing home! She also suggested a tylenol PM before bedtime if I'm really wired and hurting as I usually am by the end of the day. My husband and I are both in our early 50's, only children, our parents are deceased and we don't have children of our own (except 4 legged "fur children".) However, we are so blessed with a wonderful network of friends, neighbors, work collegues, musical colleagues, etc., all of whom are ready to pitch in with whatever we need. And this forum is an absolute God send!
Hugs to all of you.