View Full Version : dancing with scoliosis

12-22-2009, 10:56 AM
any dancers out there? i have a question for you. do you have a lot of pain when you dance? do you think dancing adds to your pain or lessens it? i have good days and bad days with pain but lately it seems the bad are more frequent. i have been dancing five days a week for a while for a total of about 10 hours a week. after christmas break it will drop down to about 7.5 hours a week spread over only 3 days. im hoping this will lessen my pain.

for me, scoliosis hasn't greatly impacted my dancing, except for the pain. my dance teachers actually think it improved my dancing as ironic as that sounds! they say it gave me good body awareness. my balancing is better than ever! but pretty much i just go to class and dance! although sometimes one of my teachers, who happens to also be a physical therapist, will help me adjust my spine into correct alignment (for instance, when bending over forward to stretch, as my right side is noticibly hunched and above my left side). at first people would give me confused looks, but i just tell them i have scoliosis and they are so nice and understanding!

i just want to hear about your experiences with dance and scoliosis! or just with dance! i love to dance and i think i would go crazy if i ever stopped. any advice on anything related to dance is welcome! i cant wait to hear your stories!