View Full Version : A very important fall safety tip!

dolores a
12-14-2009, 04:00 PM
I think I'm ok, but I took a bad fall on Friday, got up from my desk at work and as I was walking away, my foot got caught in the mouse wire attached to the tower on the floor under my desk. I guess my foot was tangeled up good in the wire because the tower came out from under the desk. I went flat down as far as I remember on my stomach and then wound up on my back, so thank god I did'nt land on my back. Still I have some pain in my right butt and lower back, and in my shoulders, probably from bracing. The funny thing is, because I have no movement in my back I think that's why I fell flat out. Anyway, I have an appointment to see my surgeon on Wednesday.

So be sure to clean up those wires under your desks!

12-15-2009, 02:01 AM
I'm glad your injuries weren't worse Dolores. It's so easy to fall. I have tidied up my cords and wires now! Hope you haven't done yourself any real harm.

12-15-2009, 06:15 AM
Oh no Dolores!! I hope everything checks out fine for you. I guess this is a good reason for a wireless mouse!! :)

When read your first line I assumed that it was going to be a slip & fall on ice. I get really paranoid outside when it's slippery.

Take care of yourself!!

12-15-2009, 10:59 PM
Hi Dolores,

Please let us know what the Dr. said. The first fall is always the scariest. It is for all of us, so you are not alone. Of course you will be sore from the fall just like if you fell without having the surgery.

It's just more of a concern, because we are afraid we have done some damage to our newly revised spine.

It's good you have your appointment so soon, I hope and think you are okay. It just teaches us to be a little more aware of things that might make us fall.

Best Wishes,