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10-01-2009, 10:13 PM
medical records
Well, I just received my daughter's records with all of her xrays and mri's. As I read through the last 2 years of paperwork, I am saddened to see the progression of this condition on such a young girl. The doc says that there is loss of thoracic kyphosis on the sagittal plane( would someone explain that to me?), 60 degree r. thoracic from T6 to L1. I also read that he at times suggests growth rods and then sometimes says that we would not consider this for her. Her trunk rotation is 18 degrees and has 5 cm decompensated to the right which does represent a shift (explanation please) He has also said that if she reaches 60 then he would recommend growth rods. So.....here we are. She had an myelo-protocol mri today and the doc said that he would contact me via the phone when he gets the results. So my friends, I am looking for any replies, thoughts, questions that you may have. I need your help!
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