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09-16-2004, 12:41 PM
Well there is no good news today. I went for a final visit to my doctor the other, and he told me that i am finished growing. So that ment that my spine is going to curve very little in the next few years.. He told me just to deal with the pain and that i need to make an appointment with him in about 3 years.. What is up with that?? Don't i get a saiy in what happens to me?? This is my body not his.. If i want to get the surgery than thats all that should matter. Shouldn't it?? I want to know how come he is going to make me suffer with this and no try to do ANYTHING at all to try and help. Try and eazy the pain try and do something.. I even asked him to send me to get nerve ending test. He told me flat out NO!!~!! I think the worst part about it is that i have no insurence and i spent all my moneys on this fool of a doctor so i can't go another opinion.. All i want is the pain to go away and to be able to bend over and to be able to put my arms above my head and to be able to sit stand walk ect for moer than a few minuts at a time.. I would love to be able to pick up my son and run and play with him... That i would love the most.. But i don't see that happening ...

09-20-2004, 07:11 AM
carol, i understand your grivience. Doctors do not like to do surgery often unless absolute neccisary. If he doesn't think it should be gone, that your case is not severe enough, he is probablly right. Ultimately it is your decision and you probablly could find a surgeon that would do the work. It would be good to get a second opinion, but if you cannot afford that, how would you afford the $100k+ surgery?

just my $.02, best of luck, Derek

09-23-2004, 03:26 PM
Personally i don't think the doctor really even cared, to be quit honest. He didn't take any kind of steps to see if there was anything other than my spine being twisted that may had been the reason for my pain.. When i asked hip if he would send me to get a nerve conduction test don't he said NO I DON"T THINK THAT IS NESSESARY.. How does he know?? I am the one in pain...... Hello...... There is some good news out of all this.. I took my records back to my Doc. Cause he will have to watch my back for the next few years.. As he was looking over the charts he asked me one question..--- What did he do for u ??--- He said there r no MRS results nor NCT results.... That's cause the doctor didn't send me for none.. He told me that --he didn't think that it was nessesary-- My doc was pretty upset that we were really still at stage one.. Right where we started 7 months earlier.. I go one the 4th to get my MRS.. So hopefully soon something will ease my pain.