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09-10-2009, 09:24 AM
Hi, My daughter is 13 and Was born with Diplomyelia. (That is a split spinal cord from about the T-8 area down) She has Lumbar tumors that do not cause any problems and are not cancerous. She has Syringohydromyelia at T7-T9. She has tethered cord release surgery at age 6 months, 7 and 11 years old. She has small 3mm filum lipoma, L4-L5 Block-vertebral body, Sacral Spina bifida occulta, scoliosis.
Her last MRI shows that she may have a tether again at L3.

Her scoliosis continues to progress and we are now at 65%. The doctor did not go in to all the details with us but is planning to have surgery in Nov or Dec. He did tell her to donate her own blood for this surgery. He told us he would go in to all the details at her pre op appointment as he did not want to scare her. We have seen this doctor for years and does have my daughters best interest in heart as she has been through some much health wise and is in remission for leukemia as well. She has 3 more years with out chemo before she is considered cured. (you can read more about that on her web site journal history at www.caringbridge.org/ca/katierose )

My questions are this I was reviewing MRI results and it states that she has
she has curvature to the spine with a convex right scoliosis T-6 -T7 apex with a compensatory curve to the left at the cervicothoracic as well as the thoracolmbar junction region. From the Axial projection C-7 to L3 She has rotary scoliosis. It also says T2-T-4 she has spinal anomalies.
Should she or will she get rods from cervical to lumbar section. And since she just turned 13 in May should she have growing rods done?

I would appreciate anyones insight as I am just now trying to research this.

09-10-2009, 09:14 PM
Hi Keri...


No one can answer your questions without knowing what the anomolies are, and whether the lumbar curve is structural or compensatory.

By the way, I moved your thread from the kid's forum to the parent's forum.