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08-31-2009, 10:08 AM
5 Days Post op. I came home yesterday. Al went well, though I endded up with a chest tube, which was the worst. I think they needed it cuz they had to collapse the lung to get to the spine. I had a team of four doctors...all were very pleased with the amount of correction that they acheived. My doctor said that he was excited to see the xray that I wll take when I see him this week.

In retropspect the hernia repair might not have been the best idea. B/c my stomach hurts, it's hard to get up and down. But that should heal quickly.

I woke up from the surgery, with no tube in my mouth (I had asked about that). And I seemingly had a nurse by my side for a few hours. I guess the surgery went from 8 am to about 1. I couldn't see my husband until about 4:30, but the only dicomfort I felt was the chest tube. I was on a PC pump of duladid (sp?) wed. through Saturday. post op day 1 was sleepy and fine, got up once....alittle nasuea now and then. Post op day two I got a horrible migraine, so was throwing up a lot...they gave me my Imitrex and I was so much better on Saturday. After the pump, they put me on Percecet. I'm doing fine, it's every four hours and I seem to make it to about 3 hours and ten minutes! But I can sleep, which is good.

Thinking of all the August (and Septmeber) ladies and I know each day will get better!


First Mate
08-31-2009, 10:21 AM
HI Kathy,
I never expected to hear form you so soon after the surgery. You must be a very positive person with all you went through (chest tube,migraine,vomiting) you still sound up-beat. Did you have migraines before the surgery?
I'm thrilled for you that you had a good correction--bet you can't wait to have those x-rays!
Keep up the good work and thanks for thinking of us "September Ladies"

08-31-2009, 01:03 PM
Great news Kathy! You sound like me! I also had Dialudid on a PCA pump and then went to Percoset every 4 hours and was begging for more after 3 hours. Now I've stretched it to every 5 or 6 hours, longer at night, and it's only been 2 1/2 weeks. I had some lung collapsing problems and they had me do several nebulizer treatments every day. They even sent me home with a volume aspirator to practice deep breathing.

Glad to hear your up. I look forward to hearing about your progress. You'll do great! You go girl!

Your August surgery buddy,

08-31-2009, 08:45 PM
You August folks are simply amazing! Being able to be on here so soon is wonderful. I hope it all goes as smoothly for you in the weeks ahead! Janet

08-31-2009, 09:11 PM
Hi Kathy...

I think everyone who has anterior surgery in the thoracic area has to have a chest tube. For some reason, I don't remember mine bothering me.

Congratulations on your fast paced recovery.


09-01-2009, 03:26 PM

It's great to hear that you are home. You "August" people are all amazing. Sorry about the tube and the discomfort with it, but if that was the worst, then you are giving me lots of hope.

Keep up the good recovery. I'll keep you and all the the recent surgeries people in my prayers.

Stay well!

dolores a
09-02-2009, 05:19 AM
Hi Kathy, you sound very good and positive, hang in there and you will be feeling a little better each day. As soon as I left the hospital I just felt so much better at home even though they were wonderful with me there, there is no place like home!

09-02-2009, 07:10 AM
First, so sorry to hear about Sandy's extra surgery. And as to that, hats off to any of you have had two (or three!) surgeries in such a short time. I really don't know how you did it!

I am still taking 2 Percoset every two hours. I wish I could start weaning, but I just don't think I'm ready. I'll see my doctor on Friday and I'll see what he says.

I try to take advantage of when the meds kick in, and walk around and go down stairs for a while. My husband, parents and kids seems to be okay. School, sports and activities have started in full force. Friends are being very generous, and I'm learning to say "yes." I'm also saying no to visitors, it's still a little taxing. But my mother was thrilled that I actually ate dinner downstairs with everyone last night. I'm eating lots small meals throughout the day and now I just to start getting concerned about the bowels. Haven't gone yet, but don't feel bloated. But I've been taking the colace and drinking water and eating fruit. Hope something happens soon...I did check some previous postings and there are some great ideas out there!

More later!

09-02-2009, 01:00 PM
It was Karen that had the 3 surgeries, not me.

Kathy, you sound great! And sounds like your recovery is progressing well. Everyday is better!

09-02-2009, 03:23 PM
Sorry...I did know that. Must have been the meds. Did I tell you all that I wrote my seven year old son's name in his Star Wars lunch box yesterday? Apparently I wrote "Joe Stars" Instead of "Joe 'our last name'". Wow...that percoset!!