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06-12-2009, 05:34 PM
Hi! Haley here. I just got a Boston brace on Friday, June 5th. My back has been hurting consistently. Is this normal? Any time I sit or lay down, it feels like I have a huge bruise and I'm putting pressure on it.:(
Any tips to make this stop?


Haley :D

06-20-2009, 02:42 PM
well.. there rly is nothingg youu can do bout that.. youu will eventually get used to it.. i kno it sux.. :( i kno how youu feel..

06-20-2009, 05:48 PM
I had a lot of pain when I was first in my brace too. Just take some ibuprofen :(
It's okay; it will get better. i feel your pain- we all do

good luck

06-21-2009, 04:18 PM
Tell your brace person next time you go back, maybe it needs some adjusting.
From what i heard Bsoton braces hurt and are uncomfortable!

Have you looked into other braces? There is a soft boston (hard on the outside, and ahs a soft liner in the inside)
and the newer braces TriaC (from the same company as hard Boston braces)
and Spinecor.
Good Luck

05-26-2010, 11:06 AM
Thanks everyone for the advice!
My curves have improved a lot!
I've had my brace almost a year now, and it's almost closed