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06-12-2009, 10:11 AM
For those in a Boston Brace, how far down does the brace reach in the back? My daughters brace seems pretty low, it is well below her hips, midway down her rear end. This makes wearing clothing such as jeans over the brace look silly. The rest of the brace is easily covered. We have her follow up with the Orthhotist next week, I was just curious if this is common?

06-12-2009, 11:41 AM
My daughter is 11 and just got her Boston brace last Friday. Her brace also goes midway down her bottom but sits at her hips in the front. We are having a hard time finding clothes that conceal the brace. Right now it adds some bulk in her hips and pokes out at her shoulder blades. I was just happy to find clothes that would go over it! She went from a child's size 14 to a Jr. size 9 in pants. Her orthotist said that the brace should fully close in about a month(right now there is about a 2 to 3 inch gap in the back). I'm wondering if it will be less noticeable when it closes alll the way.

Anyway, the fit is strange to me and I wish I had practiced putting it on her in the office last week because half the time I don't know if I have it on correctly. I know where her curves are, but I still rely on her to tell me if it feels right. I hope your dd is adjusting well. This is harder for my daughter than I thought it would be.


06-12-2009, 12:37 PM
Michele, I noticed the gapping on my daughters brace too! The Orthotist did have me put it on her in the office but I am also still unsure at times if it is on correctly. My daughter is very skinny and was wearing size 12 slim in girls clothing. She may be excited if she can wear some juniors stuff now, lol. She has never been able to fit Aeropostale jeans and she loves that store. Are the juniors pants really baggy in the legs on your daughter? How is she doing emotionally? My daughter cried nonstop the first day or two. She seems to be adjusting lately but I think she holds back a lot. I signed her up on the Spinekids.com message board and that has helped a lot. Lots of girls thier age and it is closely monitored.

Thanks for your response. :)

06-12-2009, 03:55 PM
The denim shorts we bought her are stretchy and fit closely to the legs, but are easy to button over the brace. The problem with Jr tops is they are cut smaller than kids clothes so they are fitted and cling to the brace and gape at the neck. Not the look she's going for! :D

Emotionally, she is also having a hard time and cried everytime she had the brace on the first few days. She's worn it 6 hrs a day this first week and complains more during the last 2 hrs she has it on. Tomorrow she starts wearing it 12 hours a day! Neither one of us is looking forward to that. I hadn't heard of Spinekids, but I'll let her check it out.

:) Michele

06-13-2009, 01:50 PM
From what your saying it sound like the brace is trimmed properly on the bottom. You want is to be low because that helps in holding the spine better however it should not be so long that you can not sit in it. As long as she can sit in a chair without the brace hitting the seat then it probably is fine.

05-04-2010, 11:26 PM
I noticed my dd's brace is very low in the back too. The orthotist said its so they don't pinch the skin when they sit.

I was wondering what to buy for her to wear.

in Hs they are not allowed to wear sweat pants ...they must where a belt too...sigh..wait til they meet my dd....lol we will be tweaking those policies.

05-13-2010, 10:35 PM
Hi everyone!

I'm new here but I have had scoliosis since I was 6 years old. The brace is supposed to go that low. It probably feels weird to her but my guess is that is keeps the hips aligned in the proper position. I wore a boston back brace for 6 years 23 hours a day. It surprises me that none of you have mentioned wearing pants under the brace (with the shirt over). I did that for the entire 6 years with my doctor's approval. It makes the situation a little easier because you won't have the problem of jeans that are too baggy. :)