View Full Version : Did Your Rib Hump Return?

09-03-2004, 11:21 AM
If you had scoliosis surgery WITHOUT thoracoplasty (removal of sections of ribs to reduce the rib hump), and your rib hump was smaller after surgery, has it become more prominent since surgery?

09-03-2004, 09:35 PM
Dear Linda,

Hi....I was suppose to have a thoroplasty, but my surgeon got a terrific correction and he said I didn't need one...well after surgery my hump was non existence because of the swelling.....but as of today 2 months out ..I can see a rib hump...I'm also focusing on it....mind you, I see it as a sore spot..but others cannot see it at all...So I trusted my doctor as he knows what was best 4 me..I pleased and happy with the results..even with the slight hump....

PS..my clothes fit great and I can even wear tank tops ...