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05-16-2009, 02:36 PM
Hello all! I have been monitoring this site on and off for about five months now, while we were in the “wait and see” phase.

My daughter , Sara (d.o.b 10/03), had her 5 yr check up in Dec 08 and her Ped sent her for x-rays upon finding a slight curve. The results came back exactly: “There is a curvature of the thoracic spine convex to the left of 7.4 degrees measured from the inferior T6 to the inferior T12 level. There is no significantly measurable curvature of the lumbar spine. No vertebral body anomaly is seen. No paraspinal soft tissue mass is seen.” Ped said to wait 6 months for the next set and we will go from there. It’s only been five months but her Ped sent her back for the follow up and the results came back with “There is a scoliosis in the lower thoracic spine convex to the left 9 degrees. There is a new mild compensatory curvature of the lumbar spine convex to the right, curvature 14 degrees.” I didn’t leave anything out from the report. That was all they wrote.

Also a little background on Sara; Hit all her milestones on time or early. She spoke in full sentences by 11 months old. Was tested and scored in the superior range for IQ test at 2. At 3 yrs she had a non-febrile seizure, test showed abnormal EEG and normal MRI. Was told there’s really nothing wrong. Was seeing a therapist (school, Ped and parents recommended) due to such high anxiety. Last October her Kindergarten teacher (and her Ped confirmed) that she has some OT issues including possibly low muscle tone . We have a RX to see an OT Therapist but am having a hard time finding a competent one who takes my insurance. Also have in recent months noticed that her all her shoes, right foot only, all have holes in front toe part, that is something that I would have noticed in previous years.

Now my questions…..

Is it common to develop such a large curve (in my opinion) in only 5 months?

If not what could some of the reasons be?

Why would the original curve only move slightly and the new one appear suddenly?

Has anyone else had this same experience?

Could this still be just “her normal” (was told that by neurologist re: eeg results).

Is there a good reason for me to worry?

We have an appt with an Ortho this coming Monday, will he put her through more test? If so what kind should we expect?

I will great, greatly appreciate any and all answers…

05-17-2009, 03:03 PM
Hi Neatalia,

I'm not sure how well I can answer your questions but I'll try. I think I understand from your report that your daughter's curves currently are 9 degrees thoracic and 14 degrees lumbar (compensatory). The 9 degrees is not a large curve and technically not scoliosis (I think). If the lumbar curve truly is compensatory, which your ortho will be able to tell you, ift probably is not a concern right now although I do not know if it is typical for a compensatory curve to measure at a greater angle than the structural curve. Our ortho does not even measure my daughter's compensatory curve, just eyeballs it on physical exams. It's also possible that the radiologist who read the x-ray did not read it correctly.

The thoracic curve to the left is unusual. Your ortho might suggest another MRI but maybe not because the curve is so small.

Maybe the holes in the shoes indicate a leg length discrepancy which could affect the curve (or maybe not); a question for your ortho.

Your daughter's main curve is small so don't panic. Bring your x-rays. You'll find out tons in your appointment. Good luck :)

05-29-2009, 06:11 PM
Hi Neatalia: I also have been told that a curve is not scoliosis until it progresses past 10 deg. Apparently, a lot of us are walking around with curves smaller than that, feelin' fine. Just wanted to add that the ortho appt. is nothing to worry about. My daughter was 5 at her first visit, and I was very worried- she loved the whole thing! Nothing was even a little uncomfortable or scary. Just a basic physical exam- no owies. Hope this helps!