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04-29-2009, 06:31 PM
Since there are a lot of people worried about bracing I thought I would start a thread about some of the humourous sides of bracing, along with some info that may help you out. :)

How do you scratch an itch in a brace?

I used three methods.

1) A pencil or pen stuck down the brace to reach the spot.
2) I thumped on the brace where the itch was if a pencil could not reach it. Sometimes the vibrations scratched the itch for me.
3) I pulled on the shirt under the brace. Sometimes that worked, although you have to be careful not to let it bunch up and cause problems after.

How do I have fun with my brace?

Well there are a few methods, although some may cause your parents to freak out...

1) I lived in a two story house and would take off my outer shirt and slide down the stairs head first. (be careful with this one, you can hurt yourself)
2) If someone doesn't know you are wearing a brace, bet them that if they punch you in teh stomach that it'll hurt them more than you.
3) I had over the shoulder velcro straps and if a teacher bent down I would release a strap. Since it sounds like ripping fabirc, they'll stand up in a hurry.
4) As a hockey goalie I didn't need the chest protector.

OK, so maybe 1-3 in having fun with a brace shows a bit of my mischevious side. :D

One habit I did pick up while wearing my brace was thumping my chest with my thumb. I'm not sure why I started it, and 25 years after having to wear a brace I still catch myself doing it. lol

One piece of advice... Do wear your brace or your doctor may do what mine did. I kept taking my brace off and he decided to teach me a lesson and put me in a cast for 3 months, during summer. Let me tell you that is not fun. I wore my brace faithfully after that. :)

So does anyone else have helpful/funny info they can pass on?


04-29-2009, 08:16 PM
Useful info:

I had one hour out of my brace each day. In the summer, I spent exactly 55 minutes swimming and 5 minutes in the shower.

I wore simple Jockey brand spaghetti-strap undershirts...helped with sweating and seemed somewhat normal.

Humorous stories:
Beware the brother with teenage friends and rope... :D
My brother had a friend sleep over and during the night, they tied my Milwaukee brace (the front bar) to my headboard. Upon waking the next morning, I found myself a bit "stuck" in the horizontal position.

Also, beware the strong wrestling types... :(
I was once lifted off the ground by a high school wrestler who single-handedly lifted me with the front bar of my brace. (Caution: can slowly cut-off air supply :o )

There are more... I'll have to think of them.

04-29-2009, 09:01 PM
Ha, Brad you took me back to 1966 when I wore my brace for 6 months, I am still grinning at the ways I tried to scratch. I only had to wear it during the day and that was when I got itchy , no, not at night when I was allowed to have it off, it never works like that does it.

I was in plaster for 5 and a half months before the brace and that was when you had an itchy bit, it nearly drove you crazy. Out came knitting needles, rulers, banging against a door, oh when I think of it . now it makes me laugh.

But the feeling of having the plaster off and then my back washed was sheer and absolute bliss, I really do still remember how it felt, and how my plaster smelt. !!

Thanks for the walk down memory lane

Macky xx