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09-01-2004, 12:00 AM
I've had this to the best of my knowledge my entire life. The last few years I've been pulling muscles on my left lower back a couple of times a year. My PCP has been giving me muscle relaxants and after a couple of weeks the pulled muscles heal and I feel basically okay.

Today I went to a orthropedic surgen that she referred me to. After x rays at the office I was told that my lower back has a 65 degree scoliosis. He said that the only thing long term that helps is surgery. However the surgery is major and to be honest I'm scared.

I know this will not get better on its own. I have an appointment for a recheck in a year to see how it is progressing.

Other than pain when I pull muscles, I'm relatively pain free. I do rest on Sunday's as I tend to be too sore to sleep for work on Monday's.

Does surgery help with this for the long term? I'd like to be active in retirement in 20 years (I'm 45 now).

07-15-2005, 05:45 AM

I looked at your date of posting and see you wont have gone back for your check up yet.

I have pains in back, groin and stomach and am on a waiting list to see a scoliosis specialist from what I can gather there are options to do with pain killing injections and surgery, I am heading towards 43 and had no pain or problems at all with my scoliosis until 6 days before my 40th birthday.

From what I have seen concerning surgery they will probably only be interested in operating on you if your curve is moving or if your problems are really interfering with your life or that appears to be the case in England, it may be different in America.

From what I have looked up on the internet surgery is to be avoided if poss as a survey that I looked at said 53% of ops are successful with no complications, however your age and fitness level seems to have a big influence on it as well so if you need to go for surgery get yourself in really good shape first.

Have you tried seeing a chiropractor as there is a possibility that they could help you manage your condition as long as it is not progressing.

I am due to see a scoliosis specialist myself at approx end of August this year so he may recommend surgery for me dont know yet am hoping to give the pain killing injections a go if poss.

Good luck