View Full Version : Back to school Monday! HOORAY!!!

04-25-2009, 06:51 PM
Carolyn will be going back to school Monday!!!

She is beyond ready to go back! She will be going 1/2 days Mon - Thursday just because of adjusting to it all again. Then Friday will be a whole day.

I'm 90% sure she is going to slide right back in to school as if nothing has ever happened. :)

She will get to leave class 5 minutes early just to avoid being bumped in the halls and another set of books but other than that, she will be good. No gym of course.

She's having a hard time containing herself this weekend as she can't wait to get back and see all her friends, etc...

04-25-2009, 07:14 PM
That is awsome! Monday will come before she knows it! Tell her to be careful, and that I hope she has a good time!!! :D

04-28-2009, 05:11 PM
That is great news! I haven't been on in a while! How long was Carolyn out of school? I'm trying to figure out what to expect this summer. I can't believe it's almost May and exactly one month until Emily's surgery. We are staying very busy. They have a big 8th grade graduation party around here, Emily is helping with cheerleading tryouts, and I teach school and we are moving to a new building. The only thing Emily is doing to get ready for it is taking vitamins and medicine to try to clear up the acne on her back before surgery.
We decided not to give blood because that would be another long trip to Fort Worth and we don't even know if she would be allowed to give. I hope that is the right decision. We also decided not to have the thoraplasty done because of the risk of complications. She has a pretty big rib hump, but her
Dr. thinks it will get smaller once she straightens out. I hope Carolyn is having a great week!

04-28-2009, 08:59 PM
Carolyn was out 7 weeks. She *could* have easily gone back on week 6 but they were having state testing on Wed/Thursday of that week and only the Juniors had to go. We took advantage of that for having another week of tutoring.

She did great on Monday, today was her afternoon. She asked me if she could go to school through Science tomorrow since they are going to have a big project coming up & the teacher will be telling them about it tomorrow. I told her if she is up to it, she can go all day -- I really don't care, we just thought the 1/2 days would be a good ease into it. Apparently, she doesn't need it. I did tell her if she needs it she can go to the nurse's office and she can call me to come get her.

We couldn't give Carolyn's blood but in the end we found that was a really, really, really good thing. I don't think she physically *could* give blood -- it was near impossible for them to get the couple vials they needed for pre-op surgery. She would have had to give 2 units and really I'm not sure it would have happened after seeing how much trouble just getting a couple vials was. We did have her drinking lots of water before the surgery to help out with the blood after that BUT apparently they tried to get a blood sample in ICU and gave up on that too (I wasn't there, it's what Carolyn relayed to me that they tried and finally just said "we will get it later" but she doesn't remember them trying again! I know they never tried again while I was around).

She did receive one unit of blood the first night -- it was iffy when I left that night to go to the parent apartment to sleep but when I came back the next day they told me they did need to use a unit. I could tell it made a big difference in her color & her blood pressure. It kept being right on the verge of just too low the night before but was a much better number when I arrived, etc... The one unit was all she needed.

Did the doctor recommend the vitamins & meds? I just know our paperwork told her to not take ANYTHING about 2 weeks prior (other than I think Tylenol was OK) -- I know it specifically mentioned vitamins but if your doctor is the one telling you to do so, then obviously it's fine.