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04-23-2009, 10:15 PM
Im a few days late on this update....this working thing is keeping me from my precious laptop and I hate it! ha ha ha

Post op check was pretty much a waste of time, as I thought/predicted it would be. (I was just there on the 7th about my butt/hip pain and had xrays then-like things changed in 12 days..ppllleeeeasse) Anyway...ahh humm...my artifical restrictions(I think that was the word used?!) have "been lifted" and Im free to go about my usual routine. I have no weight limits and can bend at the waist as I please. I was given the OK to use the stair stepper, eliptical and free weights (Im not a gym person at all, but good to know) Apparently Im doing quite well. He still is uncertain of what is the cause of my night time lower back/butt/hip pain, but now that Ive taken the couch as my bed and am only getting about 6- hrs a sleep at night, it has not been as much of a pain in the @$$(no pun intended) as it had been. Im falling asleep faster w/the valium and staying asleep...so I just take one a night and dropped the Vicodin. Im still to be on the nerve pills(Gabapentine) however, which isnt too bad I guess....it does make me sleepy at work tho but let me tell you, its MUCH better than that nasty nasty itchiness I had! Again- A BIG THANK YOU to Pam for that one! Still makes me laugh!

As far as work goes......Im in the banking industry(mtg loans, equities, etc) and we are a little slow, job functions are changing and everyone is walking on egg shells. Im just happy to have a seat and a pay check twice a month!!! :)

Hope all is well for everyone else...just wanted to share my news......

04-23-2009, 10:21 PM
Hi LynnMarie...

Well, congratulations, I guess. I'm really surprised that he's lifted all the restrictions already. I'd encourage you to be careful anyway, especially in terms of bending, or any heavy duty lifting. Hope you get the butt pain figured out.


04-23-2009, 11:12 PM
I agree, it seems too soon to have restrictions lifted. Better safe than sorry, I didnt lift more that a dinner plate for 6 months.

Now I shoveled a few thousand pounds of rock the other day, and really put things to the test. Dont ask me why I did it, but I did. Im 15 mos post.

I have no problems with my back at all.

04-24-2009, 08:01 AM
I agree, it did seem a bit much but I did call back yesterday to confirm what I heard. The exact words were "do what you'd like, but stop as soon as you feel uncomfortable, you know what to look for" And I do...Ive done things unknowingly & felt that sudden jolt/tightness that screams STOP RIGHT THERE MISSY!! I was being a smarty pants(hard to believe I know) and I asked about horse back riding, sky diving and mountain climbing....she laughed and kindly asked whether or not I had done those things before surgery. I said yes....followed by a quick no.....and said "Well, Dr Tribus said ANYTHING, I was just clarifying!" She said that I should probably not lift up Zackary yet.....and gradually increase the things I try to lift, move, etc. I feel good just knowing they feel this confident in my fusion and my knowledge of my own back.

TGIF everyone! Off to work I go....OHHHHH JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: