View Full Version : Meeting with Surgeon & Tentative Date

04-23-2009, 03:30 PM
Hi All

After four years and progressively more pain, I met with my surgeon two weeks ago (Dr. William Lauerman at Georgetown University Hospital in DC). In 2005 he had told me that I was close to needing scoliosis surgery of the lumbar variety. Between then and now, my Cobb angle has increased from 40% to 55%. Although there are more severe curves out there, I'm in pain anytime I walk more than a few yards because the increasing lumbar curve is making my already severe arthritis and stenosis worse. So, I am headed for anterior/posterior surgery :eek:

RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend to other people who try to set up an appointment with a surgeon yourself, have your consulting physician call for you. It works! My initial appointment was on May 26. By being a pest every Monday morning, I was able to get it moved to May 15. But that was it. So, I asked my consulting doctor to call and I got my appointment moved to April 14!

SURGERY DATE: Tentatively scheduled for August 24 (pending the confirmation of the surgery team vacation schedules).

Be back soon.