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08-30-2004, 04:54 AM
just got some gossip from the surgeon i might be going down to see him in two weeks i had to do a bend test? and they faxed the x-rays down to him from where i am(it's about 9 hours away from where i live) i am worried now i need to know does it hurt,
how big is the scar, can you feel the rods, can you still bend over and run with metal chunks in your back and will someone please be my pen pal i am a bit of a loner at school and i get picked on a lot so this forum is pretty much my social life

luv r-j

08-30-2004, 04:14 PM
hey, i think you are getting too worked up just yet. You haven't even talked to an ortho yet if i am correct. As long as your curve isn't terribly crazy, you wont need surgery. Before i went into the operating room i was at 70 degrees. there really isn't much pain at all. you're on so much drugs that you dont really realize anything or pay attention. i describe it sort of like a dream. You're in and out of conciousness a lot at first. My scar is about 12-14 inches long on my back, and i have a 7 inch scar above my right butt from the bone graft. The fusion was done on my upper back, T3-L2, so i can still bend fine without any problems. It all depends what needs to be done, and where at. This will determine the length of your scar and whether or not you'll have trouble later with bending and playing sports. But if i were you i wouldnt get so worked up yet. You can click my information and email me if you'd like. Hope this helps, Cheers, Derek

08-31-2004, 04:27 AM
You really do need to speak to the doctors before getting youself all worked up. I am willing to write to you. My 15 year old daughter was fused from T4 to L4 about 4 months ago. I have also spoken to my sister about you (re your other thread) and she is checking into some things and I am waiting to hear back from her. Apparently there is a bowen therapist around Rockie who has had some success with people with mild scolosis. Send me a private message if you would like to keep in touch.
The bend test is just an x-ray that they take while you are bending so that they can see how much movement you have in your spine.
Best wishes.