View Full Version : Post-op appt. tomorrow

04-14-2009, 06:35 PM
We go for our first post-op appointment tomorrow.

I'm really excited about it. I'm so ready for Carolyn to go back to school & so is she!!!!

The first note said to go back on the 21st but we are going to have them write it to go back on the 27th so we can keep the tutor one more week.

The only reason is that on the 22nd & 23rd Carolyn would not have school anyway those days as they are doing special Junior only testing, so only the Juniors go. The tutor suggested we have it written that way so she can finish up any loose ends & since she wouldn't be getting new work those 2 days, it gives us a chance to get caught up as much as possible.

It made sense to me. I think Carolyn is doing really well FINALLY!! I think we had a rough start there after the surgery but I think she's finally to the "you would never know she had surgery" part except for me yelling at her to quit bending forward (she tends to do that sitting instead of sitting at the 90 degree angle she's supposed to!).

Plus it will be nice to see before/after x-rays. I think I might have been shown them in PICU but frankly....I was probably out of it as much as Carolyn was. It was too much of a whirwind and I remember seeing x-rays but I wasn't paying that much attention and trying to comprehend everything that was going on at that point in time.