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04-10-2009, 09:54 PM
I am having my daughter Allison type this for me. I am doing pretty well and definitely making progress. I got out of hospital on Tuesday, April 7th and I am now in St. Louis Rehab. I am doing PT and OT and walked up and down 4 steps today. I am also walking around the hallways. The main problem has been pain management which is getting better. Also, finding a comfortable position seems nearly impossible. All in all I am doing well and Dr. Lenke said he got a really good correction. I have gained at least two inches and know this becuase I can now look my daughter in the eye. My sister says that the 5 ft 4in and under pro basketball team will be calling shortly, but I will not be joining Ed on the ski hills, Congrats on that.

Sorry I have not been able to read or respond to anything on here, but I have a question.
Have any of you heard of Dr. Rex Marco from the Houston, TX area? My Niece who lives in the Houston area is 27 yr. old and has a major S curve plus another curve in her neck. Top curve is 61 degrees and the bottom curve is almost 60. If any of you know of him please give me info.