View Full Version : Ouchy leg pain!!

04-06-2009, 06:49 PM
Hello everyone!
Well, I have a question regarding leg pain while sleeping... it starts in the low back and hips and extends down both legs all the way to my toes. It is really painful...kind of a dull throbbing pain that keeps getting worse until I move. I was bad enough I wanted to cry, and I have a very high tolerance for pain. :( I have been getting it off and on. The one night (night before last) it was sooo bad, I would think I had finally fell asleep and roll over and look at the clock and notice it had only been 10 min.!! I hadn't done anything stressfull the day before. I think something was pinching a nerve and caused it to hurt. I experianced it off and on last night but not nearly as severe! I was wondering if it might be from the lumbar curve and the tilted pelvis... Again, it was nothing I have ever experianced, and nothing made it better. I got up and walked a little and that helped temporally and then went back to what it was when I tried to fall asleep. Does anyone else experiance this sort of pain? If, so what helps? We go see the doc in 9 days...hope it doesn't get as bad as the one night!! Hopefully will get some answers. Thanks for reading! :)