View Full Version : Dress your brace.

04-02-2009, 08:23 PM
This is how I wear clothes with my brace and I think that it would work.

Sweaters- Wear sweaters that are not on too tight on you but wear a size a little bit bigger. Get those ones that are dark if you want its optional or get sweaters that have alot of patterns on them or designs. Also in the summer get those ones that the sleeves are like half. Some of them are called 3/4 if you shop in Aeropostale, Hollister or any store. And they are very hip now a days. When I meant about sweaters I meant sweaters that has hoodies so they could hide the back of the brace.

T-shirts- Well T-shirts aren't really good for your brace. But if your a type of girl who likes to show their brace then go on ahead.

Pants- Pants, when I first got my brace my pants wouldn't even fit because it is impossible to button it up. Get pants an extra size larger like the sweaters.

Skirts- The person that made me the brace said that skirts are very good to wear in the summer and no one will notice.

Yoga Pants- They are very usefull but if you use like TNA pants or Lulu lemon ones I am not 100% sure but I think it might show. But if it wont then great.

Track Pants- They are very good and I think they are helpfull.

Shorts- Nothing wrong wearing them and nothing will show.

Tank Tops- Wear a tank top always over your brace and under if you don't have those brace tank tops. Tank tops are usefull because you pull them down and nothing will show.