View Full Version : Surgery in 1974

03-29-2009, 07:40 AM
I have pain up through my whole back and more so on my right hip area. I have had X-rays done at least every 5 years. No my rod is not broken and no it did not misplace. For I got out of my 3rd body cast in 1977 and was muscle from head to toe. I to this day have never injured myself in anyway. I see an ortho and they say Degeneritve Arthritic Disease from my L5 to the S1, this was in 2006 and now I go to the Doc's again because the pain now is worse. For I now feel the pain above in my neck. Disability had rejected me because I did not see a Doc every month. So let's hope this time around I get it for my body will not let me work anymore but my mind says I do not want to be poor.:cool: