View Full Version : lumbar compensatory curve increasing??

03-26-2009, 06:51 PM
Hi Yal,
Just picked up my xrays and reports...(going to new surgeon in April). First surgeon told us the "compensatory curve" had decreased after surgery by 8 degrees. My upper curve was 15 degrees after surgery. After reading the xray reports the lumbar curve had only gone down 4 degrees post surgery. He was taking the '8' degrees from prebrace numbers. I also learned that according to the xray report my curve had increased 4 degrees in like 6 months after surgery!? We were told that it was "stable" by my surgeon on our last visit but he didn't give us a degree. Has anyone seen or heard of a "compensatory" curve decrease and then increase within one year post surgery?? I have been experiencing tight muscles in my neck, spasms in my back and stiffness and dull aching pains in my hips and low back. I also have the pins and needles sensation when I bend over, even if it to just tie my shoes! Need help! Thanks for reading...sorry if it is long and boring! lol :)

03-26-2009, 11:41 PM

The decrease/increases are so small. I honestly don't think they're anything to worry about.

I'm sorry that you're having pain, and hope you can discover the cause.


03-27-2009, 01:46 PM
Hi Linda!
Thanks for your reply. My surgeon was concerned when my upper curve increased 4 degrees in 3 months post bracing.They recommended surgery cause it was "increasing rapidly". The lower curve had not moved after I was out of the brace. Post surgery he told us that the lower curve had decreased by 8 degrees. He got the 8 degrees from prebrace no. so in actuallity it had only decreased 4 degrees. When asked what the degree was on our last xray he said "it is stable". My lower curve had actually returned to the original presurgery no. losing any correction. Now, (as of Jan. haven't had xrays in 3 months so may be different) is 31 degrees and then where my rods are in the upper curve is 15 degrees. So, the lower curve is double the top one. Shouldn't the lower curve be smaller than the upper curve? We also thought my shoe lift had to be increased. I am now with a 3/4 in. lift. Thanks for understanding and reading! :D