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03-24-2009, 03:07 PM
Hiya everyone, hope you are all well and good luck to anyone having surgery soon.

I am 10 months post op now, and have quite a bit of pain think that is more to do with me then anything going wrong, I have been put on 9 hour days at work aswell and I am very tired, and been running around a lot at work it is hectic for some reason never been this busy...
I rang my surgeon aswell i just wanted a check to make sure as I have quite a bit of pain, and have had to go back on the pain meds, but he said its nothing and he wont see me until I have my appoinment which is not until July, unless it gets very bad then I can just go to A & E if i want to.
Also the cleaner at work told me his daughter has scoliosis but she is in a wheelchair, as they couldnt oparate due to other things, and they have had all the benefits taking away from them which i dont think is fair.they have a special car cause of the wheelchair and they have even had that taken off them....And yet there are people who claim benefits who have nothing wrong with them.....makes me angry

Anyway my rant over talk to everyone soon


03-24-2009, 03:15 PM

I'm sorry your doctor is treating you this way. I know you probably like and respect him, but I'm sorry....as far as I'm concerned he's a JERK! Is A&E the same as an Emergency Room at a hospital? You say the pain is bad, so why not just stretch the truth a little and go and get Xrayed there anyway?

9 hour days seem long, and maybe it's just too much for you right now? What type of work are you doing? Maybe you could use a shorter work day? I hope things improve for you soon.

03-24-2009, 03:36 PM
Hiya thanks for the reply, and yes I have respect for my surgeon, but i also think he should have seen me he did last time and he told me to contact him, if i had any pain and i was worried as they are use to it.
And A & E is like an emegency room, im seeing how i got for now as waiting there can take hours, and my local hospital isnt where I had my op, and they dont have the back specilist there so might get transferred to exeter anyway.

I have a desk job which is normally good for my back, but im also a stock controller, which is normally done on the computer but all the stocks have gone wrong, so I have to go to the warehouse and count stock manully for some items, and there is a lot to count, which doesnt invlove lifting much but can invlove bending and stood in same place for long periods, my boss needs me there to help the other staff out, but he knows about my op and I may be able to do 8 hour days instead, but that means me driving aswell, at the moment my parents give me a lift as they work there, if I go on diff hours then i have to drive which im not sure will help....

03-25-2009, 06:44 AM
Angela-- Sorry to hear about the pain you're having. It does sound like you are pushing yourself too hard with your job and all it entails.... but I realize sometimes there doesn't seem to be an alternative and still have an income. If you really think you need to see your surgeon, keep contacting him with your questions and concerns. Sometimes it works out-- like the saying about the squeaky wheel eventually gets greased. It's not necessarily because it needs it, but because we don't want to hear it anymore. Take care-- and be sure to get in as much rest as you can. :) Susie

03-27-2009, 07:30 PM
Hi Susie thanks for the reply I worked 10 hours on thursday and 9 hours today I had a really bad headache which made me not think about my back, it still aches though hint the reason why I am awake at 12.29 in the morning nearly 1am....

I am going to see how I go over the weekend with a lot of rest and then i know weather it is work or not.
I did do some exercising aswell last weekend but was ok after, done exercise bike and stepper 30mins on each one in morning one at night

03-27-2009, 10:56 PM
Dear Angela,

You may be overdoing it way too much. Your back is still healing. You have such a lovely correction, you need to pamper your back and yourself after all you have been through. You'll be glad you did. You are still very young and have many, many years ahead. Can you cut back to half time or work every other day? You have had very major surgery with a good result, so give your back the best care possible. I sometimes use heat wraps called Thermawraps here in the U.S. and Tylenol ES (Acetominophen) over the counter medicine with good results. I put the wrap on at night which heats up and stays warm for 8 hours. It helps alot. Had revision surgery last June at age 63. I had surgery at 17 but overdid it post-op going to college and carrying books etc. and had many years to regret it.
I hope you get in to see your doctor sooner, but your back may be telling you that you are doing way too much. Take care.