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Cat Eyes
03-07-2009, 11:42 AM
ok guys, i think that i am getting the spincor can anyone tell me if i am making the right decision???????
also the schroth method, if anyone knows about it can you tell me where you can get it treated the only place i can find is wisconson, also ifc anyone wants to know what the schroth method is just ask.

03-07-2009, 07:12 PM
Cat's Eye, There's no definitive way to tell if you are making the right decision...so it goes with scoliosis treatments! I tried to see if you had any details about yourself and if I'm correct you are 13, had a 30 something curve that was corrected to a 5 degree curve in a boston brace. Is that accurate?

Sounds like you're getting some great results in your current brace, why are you switching? Is it for the increased comfort/livability? At 13 you've probably already had some of your peak velocity growth and the fact that your curve can correct to 5 degrees suggests that spinecor may work well for you. However I guess you really won't know until you try. If spinecor can hold you to 5 degrees, then you may be in good shape. If you start to wear spinecor and after a few months of giving spinecor a chance to work you find you're losing the correction, you might want to reconsider.

Basically, I'm saying I don't know if you're doing the right thing. Hopefully you will find that spinecor does continue to hold your curve through those last few years of growth in a more comfortable and active fashion. With spinecor you don't have to worry about muscle atrophy which is a plus also.

Good luck; let us know how it goes
(I don't know anything about Schroth first hand so can't help you there. I thought I had read somewhere that there is also a PT in the Wash DC area that does Schroth - not as an inpatient for a week or two, but for a couple hours a week (i.e. you'd want to live fairly local)

03-08-2009, 10:24 AM
I have heard, not sure where, that the Spinecor is less effective when used after wearing a hard brace. Has anyone else heard this. Perhaps you should contact Dr Rivard in Montreal and ask him.

03-09-2009, 04:18 PM
So, schroth may have saved my back. in conjunction with the Cheneau brace it worked wonders. I went from my curve prorgressing rapidly to it actually decreasing. Now, I know nothing about the spinecor brace, so I can't offer a definative answer on that count. the Cheneau brace really worked well for me though. at its highest, my curve was at 38 degrees on top and 32 on the bottom. after schroth and the cheneau brace, my top curve is 25 and they don't even measure the bottom one. now, schroth isn't widely available in the US. WI is pretty much the only place I've heard of that has been given the go-ahead from Dr. Manuel Rigo, of Barcelona, Spain. He's the doctor on the forefront of the Cheneau brace and Schroth PT. My PT clinic is in Milwaukee, WI an there is also one in Steven's Point, a small town up north. My clinic does two week immersion programs in the summer for kids who want to be able to help themselves. My family has agreed to host any kids coming in. Its a great program, that really helps the kids empower themselves. I strongly encourage you to contact Cindy Marti, the owner of Spinal Dynamics of WI, the clinic I am treated at. Google Spinal Dynamics of Wisconsin, and you'll get her contact info. I'd do this asap, as the summer programs are probably being scheduled around this time!

Cat Eyes
03-13-2009, 08:09 PM
thanks you brace girl for the information on the scroth method i think that i am going to get some phisical theropy and some stuff like that but other then that there is really not much with the schroth method that me nor my family are willing to do since my brace does seem to be working, the reason that i wan spincor is becuase the confort and the clothes that you can wear with it. thanks for the advice and help!!

13 and 8th grade
Degrees started at 30
in bostin brace down to 5 in brace

Carly's Mom
03-15-2009, 07:37 PM
Katelyn, I am originally from Wisconsin. I have heard of the Scroth method. I don't think I spelled it right though. I read up about it and called them. It is very expensive and I have heard that for some it worked and others it didn't. You have to try what ever you can though. We have been to many physical therapists and sport therapists and chiropractors and each has given many good things to do. Carly does the things that she can tell helps her. I have heard that Pilates and Yoga helps, but Carly does not like them.

With the boston brace she got the muscle atrophy really bad. Exercise and PT (physical therapy) did not help her for some reason at that time. She also had to wait 3 months before getting the SpineCor. She wore no brace for that long cuz she needed to get her muscles stronger before getting fitted for the SpineCor. That is one disadvantage to boston brace. Strong back muscles along side the spine helps to support the spine. weak muscles are never good.

So, it's best to be as active as possible and get lots of exercise and fresh air and sunshine. And don't forget your calcium, magnesium and vitamin D and other supplements and vitamins too. :)