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02-23-2009, 09:32 PM
Hello! I'm 19 yrs old and was fused posteriorly T3-L3 in December, mostly for kyphosis, since my scoliosis was around 13* (which was found while taking x-rays for kyphosis surgery and I don't really consider to be much of anything since 10* is the cutoff). I was at around 80* for my kyphosis when I decided to have the surgery. The recovery was rough the first five weeks, but I was back at school full-time (4 hours a day, three days a week) at exactly four weeks, although I was really tired and almost passed out a lot. Now, I go out with friends, shopping etc. for hours at a time with no problem. I was also off of painkillers (Lortab) at 5 1/2 weeks post-op, so I think I'm having a pretty easy recovery (knock on wood). Anyways, I had an appointment at 6weeks with my doctor and while I asked him a bunch of questions, I forgot a few minor ones I was hoping you could help me with seeing as the recoveries for scoliosis/kyphosis surgeries are similar? First, my doctor told me that I didn't need a brace and could lift up to 20lbs. already. Is this normal? Everything I've read says nothing above 10lbs for a few months, and I refuse to lift anything heavier than that because of my own fears. Also, did anyone else have muscle pain in their shoulders? This is awkward but did any girls have problems wearing bras? They all seem to be too tight for me to wear even though I have adjusted my size, I just feel it around my incision. Also, I feel like my knees are weak and if I squat too low I feel so heavy. Does this eventually go away? I've always been physically active, does it take a while to return to basic weight lifting/running/maybe ellipticals? Will the fusion prevent me from doing certain basic exercises?
Thanks so much for answering (sorry this is long.) I know I'm 19 and I'm breaking the under 18 thing :D but I feel like I have a similar situation as most teens. If anyone with upcoming surgery has any questions I'd be happy to answer, I remember a lot from right after surgery (my doctor is merciless and took away the PCA pump after 16 hours) and I'm in nursing school so I have a double perspective on things. Thanks again!

03-14-2009, 08:09 PM
My limitations were 10lbs and still are at about 10 months post op. Im sure ur doctor knows whats best for you, but i guess it doesnt hurt to be cautious, but everyone is different. I have been experiencing some muscle pain (sharp) and ive been experiencing this for a few months. Im not to worried, it usually is just throbbing and only lasts for a bit, my father told me it was just muscle spasms, which is understandable. As far as bras go, I got used to them pretty fast, mostly because i cant feel them :) but believe me im wearing one right now and its not the same as when i first starting wearing them again.

My knees got weak as well, but when i started eating again and becoming stronger i found i had more energy and can run quite fast now :)

Excercises depend on how far u push it, im lazy so i dont get very far when trying to touch my toes, but then again i never could.

If u have any more questions feel free to message me i have no problem sharing my so far, short story, and this applies to everyone :)