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02-17-2009, 06:47 PM
I've tried to add the date of my surgery to the calendar, but, it doesn't seem to allow it. What am I doing wrong? I also can't view anything on the calendar as to when others are having their surgery.


02-18-2009, 05:05 AM
Hi nervous! I'm sorry you were having problems, but it's not your fault. They don't have very good directions for using the calendar. I wrote some up awhile back in another post, so will cut and paste those directions... sorry they are not the greatest, but should do the trick. When you finish, you will probably get the message that says something like it will have to be reviewed... and that usually takes a couple of days.

Probably less than half the folks post their info on the surgical calendar. I've been trying to keep one that shows everyone in about a 3 month time, altogether, in a thread. The most recent one is Here: http://www.scoliosis.org/forum/showthread.php?t=8130 I will try to get your info added really soon to that. And if you have problems with these directions, please let me know! :rolleyes:

Here's the info that should help you get your surgery on the calendar:

Everyone-- some simple directions about the calendar... and please pardon the lack of technical jargon, but I admit I am dumb about computer stuff, but usually manage to find my way ok. In order to view or put dates on the calendar, you must be a registered user.

1. Go to the regular calendar page (it shows birthdays) by clicking "calendar" up at the top of the page, in the blue horizontal line.
2. Then scroll down to the bottom where it says "calendar jump".
3. Click on the side arrow thingy, then highlight the line that says "surgery and bracing date". A different calendar will come up-- the surgery calendar.
4. Down at the bottom is a box that has choices for "add new event" and select "single, all day event"-- choose your date, then add the info. Make sure you jump ahead to the correct month, etc. Sometimes that reverts...

Of course, it can be used for posting bracing dates as well. There is also a calendar for support meetings, etc., that you could choose instead of the surgery calendar, if you want to post meetings.

The special dates entered on either of these calendars will show up on that date, at the bottom of the regular index page of the forum... just beneath where it lists birthdays, another box will appear that says "today's events"-- and the title of the event will show up... You can click on that and it takes you to the information that was written about that event, on the calendar page.