View Full Version : some questions about post op.

08-06-2004, 01:31 PM
hi, i just got surgery about 4 weeks ago and im having a little trouble and i just wanted 2 c if the symptoms im having are normal or wat. ive just been having these constant stomach aches that never seem 2 go away. they will subside every once in a while but they nevere seem 2 fully subside. its preventing me from eating as much as i would like and im not really sure wat 2 do. i called my doc and am supposed 2 hear from him soon and i tried over the counter stuff for it but it doesnt help very much. is this normal or maybe i just caught like the stomach flu or sumthin. my appetite hasnt come back at all since the surgery really and im getting kinda concerned...thanx for any help.

08-06-2004, 01:53 PM
Hi Zach,

Are you constipated? Many times narcotic meds and anesthesia shut down the GI system, which can cause stomach aches and pain. Talk to your doc about this. See if some laxatives would be useful in your situation. My son ALWAYS has a problem with constipation and GI issues after surgery. Something we just haven't gotten right yet.

08-06-2004, 02:01 PM
well im not really constipated b/c i have been going 2 the bathroom regularly and i have taken myself off my pain killers completely(which was about 2 days ago). im thinking i might have just caught sum bad stomach virus...im waiting 2 hear back from my doc about wat he thinks. i left a message for him and i hope he either calls 2day or after the weekend. c the thing is that im so happy with how my back feels and it gives me the least trouble haha. its just this stomach thing. i feel like once im done with the stomach symptoms it will almost b as if im in the clear. i can bend very well now with not much pain at all and i can sit 4 long periods of time without pain. i just wanna start eating and all and not have 2 deal with this cuz its preventing me from sleeping as well and it even seems 2 feel worse as i lay down so i sorta dread laying in bed...it'll all work itself out i guess as the rest of my body has. i guess the stomach may just take more time.