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12-04-2008, 09:35 AM
Hello everyone-

I am needing contact info on Dr. Riviard and Colliard in Montreal. We are contemplating a trip to Montreal to ensure that our daughter is getting the best tx possible. She is currently in a Spinecor brace but her curves are still progressing rapidly. Any information regarding blue cross insurance in Cananda, tx. and any other advice is much appreciated!! Thanks for your support!

12-04-2008, 12:34 PM
Hi, Email is: charles-hilaire.rivard@recherche-ste-justine.qc.ca
phone is 514-345-4839

I have blue cross - it's empire blue cross blue shield (NY state version) and I received out of network reimbursement for services, but full reimbursement for the brace itself. Of course even within blue cross, coverage may vary depending on the arrangement/plan the employer is paying blue cross for.

I have heard that some have argued for "in network" coverage given the limited number of doctors that provide spinecor and may have had success, but that was with other insurance plans I believe. i don't know if anyone has successfully been able to appeal for in network benefits with blue cross. It's a good idea to contact Montreal, even if you don't visit, the may be able to provide you with valuable info when you give them your daughter's background. Just curious, how long has she been braced? What are and were her curves, etc?

There is a spinecor thread where you might get more of a response to your other questions and or you can find lots of other people's experiences. Good luck! (by the way, my daughter is treated by dr. rivard/coillard; her info is in my signature, below)

12-05-2008, 07:58 AM
Our daughter was diagnoised with scoliosis in August of this year. She is 12 years old and had a 25t and 29l double curve risser 0. We opted to go with Spinecor brace although not many are using it in our area. Our orthosist has only preformed several Spinecor braces ( He is certified and on the spinecor website). At our appt. on Wednesday she measured 35t and 21l out of her brace. I was able to speak to Dr. Rivard yesterday (thnak you for the #)and he stated that patients should not even have x-rays out of the brace for the first 18 months. He stated that it just worries parents/patients. Which is correct-- I am WORRIED!! Our ortho surgeon keeps telling us that if she reaches 45-50 degrees that she will need surgery. Well, she has progressed 10 degrees (t) in about 3 months... yikes. We are just unsure of our professionals and I would feel more confident with Dr. Rivard. I think we will ask him to consult and if that does not work; we have started our passport applications. Thank you so much for the information and concern. Everyone on this website has been a blessing!

12-05-2008, 08:50 AM
That would have me worried also....did they take in brace xrays also? It has been said that if there is a progression out of brace that there would be progression in brace also and I'm curious if that is what you saw. I agree that given the circumstances you would probably be best off with Dr. Rivard if you choose to stay with spinecor (and it wouldn't hurt to start to investigate other options in case spinecor doesn't work for your daughter. ) This is all rather nerve wracking, isn't it?

12-07-2008, 08:25 AM
October 8th she had a in brace x-ray which looked positive-23t and 21l. I guess that is why this has surprised us. I am just really leary because our ortho surgeon will spend 5 minutes with us and during that time will say the word "surgery" 20 times. I asked him if we needed to explore different types of braces and he stated that the Spinecor appears to be holding her while she is in the brace. She has only been in the brace for 3 months. So he just wants to wait and recheck her in three months. It's very frustrating as parents to feel unable to help your child. The only thing I know to do is take her to Dr. R. If anyone knows how to help her I believe it is him. Unfortunately we have to wait on passports before we can travel. Thank you so much for the support. I truely feel lost in all of this.:confused:

12-07-2008, 09:02 AM

Hi My daughter has been in brace for over 2 years and has not had a out of brace x ray. I feel so confident in Dr R that I do not even ask. 3 mos is way too early in my opinion to even think about a out of brace x ray. The muscles need to be strenghthened around the correction as well as the fact that our kids are having soooo many xrays. As you can see from my signature my daughter has been gradually going down over time.

I am assuming you have to fly to Canada therefore need passports. To anyone who is driving we just got the passport cards. It only took a few weeks. The cards however are only accepted via ground, not air or sea.

Dr R will tell you how it is. If he thinks you should continue with Spinecor he will say, if he feels it may not work he will tell you that too. He is also carefull not to scare the kids, he will most likely pull you aside verses discussing anything negative infront of your daughter.

PS to all, having a signature is very helpfull for all of us to remember your childs history.

12-07-2008, 05:29 PM
If you are flying and need full passports, you can get expedited service - of course this costs extra, but it cuts some time off. It's probably not the worse thing that you have to wait a month or two though....then when you go a little more time will have passed so that the xrays he takes would provide you with additional information. Good luck!

Christine, I'm a big fan of "signatures" also :)

12-08-2008, 07:00 AM
Excellent point JillW

12-10-2008, 02:03 PM
Thank you all so.. much for the information. We will be making a trip to Montreal as soon as we get our passports!