View Full Version : I think he's starting to get it

12-03-2008, 07:33 PM
If you read my post, "questions", you'll know my husband made a comment about coddling Jesse. I should add that he is Jesse's step-dad (they are very close). And 10 years ago when we started dating his daughter had disc surgery. Maybe he was comparing it to that.
Anyway, mh didn't go to pre-op, but I believe he is starting to get a clearer picture of how the road to recovery could look. Just telling him about the pain medication, (the drugs/duration, etc), I think he realized how huge this surgery is. Also, the visual of where the incision would run and the words "dissecting muscles" had him questioning if this surgery was really necessary and what would happen if we left it alone. He asks these questions every few weeks, so I know he gets nervous thinking about it.
He'll be my rock on the 15th and do his best to keep me sane.

12-04-2008, 07:25 AM

It sounds like maybe, just maybe, your husband is starting to get it. That's good. Jesse needs his step-dad to understand. He might also need him to be hands-on in his recovery (i.e. helping with showers, someone to talk to, etc.) so it's great that he is starting to understand. Keep answering his questions, no matter how many times he asks them. It sounds like your husand loves Jesse very much and is just as worried about him as you are. Men just have a different way of dealing with things like this. Hang in there!

By the way, I love your son's name! If I would have been blessed with a son, his name would have been Jesse!

Mary Lou