View Full Version : I ran for the first time tonight!!!

12-02-2008, 11:42 PM
I am five months post op and I went jogging for the first time tonight!!! It felt SO much better than I thought it would! I have been doing the eliptical and walking on the treadmill for a couple of months now, and the only discomfort I had jogging was that my back muscles got really tight. It actually loosened up a little as I went, it just reminded me of how it felt when I was walking short distances the first few weeks after surgery. I jogged on an indoor track, and I actually went for 3 miles (with a little walking in between number 1 and 2)!!!!! (I ran a lot before surgery). I wasn't tired and it didn't hurt so I just kept going, lol. I just wanted to share the good news, so anyone hoping to get back to running can have some hope!!! I will be careful to listen to my body and not overdo it, I am just really excited.

By the way, has anyone heard from str8nup (Reggie)? He had surgery towards the end of October??

loves to skate
12-03-2008, 03:04 PM
Good for you Abbie. That is such wonderful news. I am not allowed to run since I am fused to the sacrum and way too old to run anyway. It made my knees unhappy starting at around age 40, but I am back to my love of roller skating. I am taking it very easy still since I don't feel I can totally trust my body (balance and posture is a little different since the surgery). You have many years to enjoy physical activity so I am happy for you. I was wondering about Reggie myself. Sure hope his recovery is going well.