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12-02-2008, 08:27 PM
I am exhausted! We got to Children's for a 9:30 pulmonary function appointment and we hit the ground running from there. We saw the pre-op nurse and anesthesiologist, had the tour of the floor, going well to that point.
Then BOOM! We got held up in radiology. It was 2:00, we still hadnt been to orthopedic pre-op and we needed to be in the blood donor center at 3:30. I explained this all to the woman at the desk. Well, needless to say, at 2:40 they called Jesse in. At 3:15 they were just finishing his xrays!
We got to orthopedics, and I broke down trying to explain how we still had to go for blood donations. So here I am a crying, blubbering mess, Jesse's rubbing my back saying "it's okay, Mom, don't worry". The receptionist went and got the nurse, who assured me they would be there when I got back from the donor center and would answer all our questions.
Jesse had to have blood work done, so I figured if he was going to be stuck, might as well take a pint! I was also going to give a pint, but my pulse rate was too high. They checked it 15 minutes later, still high. The Phlebologist told me it was probably a sign and it would most likely drain me to have it done.
Back to ortho, saw the np and the doc. Doc informs us one of the blood vials cracked and Jesse needs to have more blood drawn.
We left the hospital at 6:50pm- what a day! I'm glad that's over.
Jesse impressed me today. He had a notebook with 40 questions!
Well, I'm going to lay day and watch mindless tv before I drift off to sleep.
Thanks you guys for being such a great resource and I am so glad I checked out this site. It helps to read other post and just write what's going on here. I know it's been said, but nobody understands this more than people in the same boat. Thanks!

12-03-2008, 07:54 AM

Believe it or not, based on my experience, your pre-op wasn't all that unusual. My son had to have blood drawn at least twice and it was a long day as well. Things can feel kind of crazy there at the end. Sounds like Jesse is handling it well. You're on your way, and before too long you'll be on the other side.

Mary Ellen