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11-12-2008, 09:41 PM
Hi again everyone!

I have one more question! Lol
On and off for over 10 years I have had trouble swallowing food and/or liquid. This past February it FINALLy got diagnosed as a result of a small hiatal hernia with a little scarring from reflux.
A bit of my rods showed in these images and I wondered if they could have any thing to do with the trouble too?

For my case study I referenced alot of material and some did mention gastric problems that are related to scoliosis. The radiologist and doctors know my Hx, and so you'd think that if it did they'd have considered it as a factor?

I am excited to learn, but leary of misleading or just outright wrong information.
Has anyone had any gastric issues due to their scoliosis?

~**~ Congenital Scoliosis w associated radial clubhand/thumb aplasia ~**~
*~2 Harrington rods + fusion in 1985 (age 10) by Dr.W Bobechko, Toronto~*
23 yrs post op...have 3 kids, training to be MRT, next to nil pain!

Karen Ocker
11-13-2008, 10:09 AM
As my scoliosis progressed-major thoracic curve 80deg with a 30deg cervical and a 40 deg lumbar my stomach was forced/compressed on to its side. Stomach acid was pushed into my esophagus(where it burns its lining) causing severe heartburn. In time my esophagus formed a type of defense called a Schatzky ring-a type of narrowing or stricture. Food and medications got stuck above this ring affecting swallowing. Even though my gastric symptoms were improved by my revision, giving my stomach more room, I was left with the Schatzky ring. Earlier this year the gastroenterologist had to dilate it to correct the stricture because i was having symptoms so often. However, after the dilatation, I still suffer from heartburn from time to time because that "protection"(Schatzky ring) was removed.

Scoliosis affects so much more than "cosmetic" -issues.

11-13-2008, 06:43 PM
Hi MRT Mum,
I, like Karen O. had the gastric problems. I do remember asking Dr. Boachie about the swallowing problem I was having before surgery & he said it was probably not related and that I could have a GI to check on that. It actually scared me more to think there was something additionally wrong with me besides the scoliosis. I had a 95 lumbar curve and a 60 upper curve.
Once he corrected the lower curve though, it reduced the upper curve and I never have had a swallowing problem since then! My sister who came on that preop appmt, felt it was all related & I guess, she was right..
I had horrible gastric problems up until surgery. So much I was embarassed to go out with friends etc. due to my coughing after eating. I needed Tums all the time! I recently got rid of all the Tums in my medicine cabinet. I had quite a big supply.......Ly:)

11-13-2008, 09:06 PM
I too for the past 3 years have had problems with my heartburn and acid. My stomach is upset for one thing or another. I saw the new Dr. last week told him about these new symptoms along with my lower back and next hurting. He told me that they are not related but I beg to differ. I think the Dr's don't like to tell you that Scoliosis could cause of effect problems with your stomach or other organs. I've always got told that Scoliosis doesn't cause such things. But I would say during the years and different surgeries. I had some relief afterwards.

Just a thought!!