View Full Version : im new!! what to ask my physio

10-22-2008, 01:56 PM

im new on the forums, ill tell u my story

i used to be a competitive rhythmic gymnast, i trained between 13 to 15 hours a week... i started to get severe pain in my back so i went to a specialist and they confirmed that i had scoliosis (a 10.9 degree curve, i feel sorry for every1 else on this forum cause i know yours are ALOT worse). The doctor said that i should not be having pain from a 10.9 degree curve so i said "well you havent diagnosed me right have u, becuase i came here because of the pain" so he sent me for a mri scan. That confirmed that i had:
-herniated disc L5-S1 with degenerative disc disease
-protusion of disc L4-L5 also with degenerative disc disease

so, as you can see i have a complicated back haha

anyway, they said they would give me physio and despite my pain they were not going to operate -_-

so anyway after 7 months of waiting (i live in spain and the waiting lists are very long) i finally got an appointment for physio therapy. WOHOOO!!! lol

anyway the appointment is tommorrow and i dont know what they will do

so my questions are:

what do they do at physio??

should i ask him/her anything specific??

please i would really want to know!! and if you want to tell me anything else about physio plz tell me!!


Jade xxx

p.s. im 14 years old with a risser of 3