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10-16-2008, 12:01 AM
I wanted to tell you about a way of organizing friends, neighbors, family, etc. to help take care of people after major surgery (or for people who have chronic illness). I've been part of a Share the Care group for 2 years (so far) for my friend Betsy who's had MS for over 30 yrs and can no longer roll over or transfer into her scooter without help. There are over 70 of us in the group, and I have to look a couple weeks ahead to get some time with Betsy, because her slots fill up so quickly!

I've been encouraged by others in Betsy's group to set up a Share the Care group for 6 weeks or so after my surgery, and I'm going to do it. Two people from my church will coordinate; my husband and I will make up a calendar with slots for what we need on each day (a meal, house-cleaning, etc), and also people with special skills (music, energy work, Reiki, etc) have also asked to contribute. People love to be helpful!;)

You can learn more about the Share the Care model (it's not a business and not selling anything) at www.sharethecare.org. There's a book too (same title). I work for a hospice, and we tell people about this all the time--they're amazed that they can get so many people to help them!

Also, I got my surgery date: November 13th. Now I know . . . let the worrying begin! (O.K., I was already doing that . . .)

Thanks everyone!

10-16-2008, 03:39 AM
November 13, not too long to wait.

I think your Share the Care groups are a great idea. I have heard of them here too, for people who require regular, daily help.