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10-09-2008, 06:22 AM
Can anyone help?

Does anyone know if the brace affects a young girl's physical development. My daughter wore a brace for some years and I was always concerned this would limit her breast development and I was quite anxious about it. It got to the stage when I first noticed her to start developing, that I encouraged her to not wear the brace (something I now regret). But I wonder what other experiences mums out there have had with their daughters. The orthotist told me it would not make a difference but my thinking is that if the brace is firm enough to prevent the spine from curving further, surely it would have the same effect on the developing chest?? My daughter is extremely small in the chest area, so I wonder if this is due to the brace she wore??

Any other thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated.



10-09-2008, 12:16 PM

A brace doesn't affect development any more than a tight bra. Either might be uncomfortable, but that's about it.

Breast development is dictated (mainly) by estrogen; until I see something that proves scoliosis affects estrogen levels (and I haven't), I'd have to say it's impossible.

I think it's much more critical she wear her brace as prescribed (whether or not I personally believe bracing has much effect) than worry about her boobs.

Just .02 from a formerly braced, formerly flat-chested, currently fused person who bought a pretty decent pair in 2001 ;-).