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10-06-2008, 06:46 PM
Hi again, I feel like such the problem child when it comes to medical things xD
Ok, so I had my surgery back in March, and was first diagnosed with Scoliosis in July of 2007, when I had a 49 degree curve in the thoracic.
Around October of 2007 I began feelings of being out of breath, a tight chest or pressure on my chest, cough, slight wheezing, and periodic feelings of breathlessness - Classic signs of Asthma
I also had 'reactive airways' when I was about 4-6 but when I moved to warmer weather where a fireplace wasn't really needed to heat the house those symptoms vanished.
The symptoms from 2007 dispersed after about two months but came back every now and then, and lately I have been experiencing these symptoms practically daily. I just saw an Allergist on Friday, and after taking the tests my lung capacity seemed normal and I didn't notice a change after using the nebulizer, although I also wasn't having symptoms at the time. The doctor said I might have mild asthma, especially exercise induced because it gets worse or a lot more obvious when I climb stairs and sometimes when I swim, etc. He gave me an inhaler, Patanase for allergies (I get really watery eyes and runny nose, congestion, pure misery xD around February/March), and Singulair to help with asthma and allergy symptoms. Basically it's a 2 month demo to see if the medications help.
I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced asthma like symptoms from scoliosis due to the rib compression and expansion from the thoracic curve, and if it continued after surgery, when the ribs were straightened. Could it be that the deformity of the rib cage and then the rapid alteration back to normal could have affected my lungs? Or do I just have asthma? xD

I think I ask odd questions xD maybe I'm just odd - well I know that : P
Thank you, everyone, and good luck!

10-06-2008, 06:52 PM
First, you should ask your doctor this question.

Second, here's an amateur guess...

Well, you're straight through the thorax now. And based on my readings, 55* is probably not enough to affect lung capacity. My daughter got up the 58* at surgery and had no lung problems whatsoever at any point. Plus you have the lung test which was normal.

So I'm guessing your present breathing issues are completely unrelated to the scoliosis and subsequent corrective surgery.

But, as always, what do I know? :eek:

Good luck.