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10-06-2008, 05:34 AM
i have had 3 second opinions and next week i have my last one with dr. boachie on Monday. Hopefully, then i will decide what i am going to do and who i am going with. I have not heard nor seen a negative word about dr. boachie, which is amazing. everyone who sees him raves about him. i hope i feel that way. i have a tendency to run counter to the way people think. out of the 3 i have seen, two of them suggested other surgeries to see if they would fix the pain level. the first one wanted to go in and do t10 through the pelvis. the other 2 said they would do that but if i didn't want to go right into a big surgery i could have 2 smaller surgeries to see what they would do. to my of thinking, if there's a chance that i would need another surgery i would rather get the whole thing done with once and not see if a smaller surgery would work. so next week i am hoping i will know what i am going to do.
thanks for letting me free associate