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09-23-2008, 10:16 PM
I wanted to apologize for it being so long since i have written! but i want each and everyone of you to know how much i truly appriciate everything you do! if it wasnt for this site i dont know where i would have been before hand. and even now! Thank you for all of the encouragement and strength and prayers!

I recently celebrated my 4 month post op!! I have come such a long way, like many others of you have! Congrats to you all!!!! Its truley such an accomplishment. Like many of you know, i had a 62.9 degree curve, and thankfully with Dr. Mencio and the flexibility in my back i went down to a 12 degree curve! I had my 3 Month check up last month, and he said everything looks terrific. He said that i could start being normal again and work my weight limit up (which is still hard) but he said i was off restrictions period! YAY!! although i haven't really lived that part for being nervous and all. i have been to 3 concerts. ( our school has soybean festival and they come to us free for students) although standing for that long did my my left shoulder sore. it was okay. i still don't twist or nothing serious. but i have played volleyball.. no upper hand things tho. under hand serve and everyone i play with understands my situation and are so kind to take it easy and help when needed. they dont get frustrated with i dont dodge or bend nothing. i take it easy and don't over push myself.

I also started back to college in August. Instead of carrying a backpack for all the heavy books. i got a roller back pack that does wanders!! walking is very good though. i think if i was to give anyone advice after surgery would be to walk! it hurts really bad right after surgery and you feel so weak. but the more you walk to better off you really will be. especially stairs. and long walks. not short ones. although for a while short is all you can handle. be comfortable in what you do, but dont over push.

i have tried to paste my x-ray pics. so let me know if they show up or not.

Good Luck to all those about to go into surgery. And all of those who went thru it with me. Congrats! we made it!
soft hugs. *brittany*

09-24-2008, 07:33 AM
Don't you just look great!!! The pictures are remarkable! Congrats for coming out on the other side and getting your life back again. Sounds as though you know what to do to protect your spine and to still be active and have fun. Great to hear all this =)