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Nancy Joy
09-19-2008, 07:52 PM
Somewhere on this site, I had found a wonderful list of hints to prepare for surgery and afterward. And then, there are the "little" things that you know will drive you crazy- mine is the thought of not being able to shave my legs every day. Sooooo- I have bought on epilator and have been using it for a week. I feel like I am going to succeed at getting every one of those stinking hairs and am really feeling good about it. It says they will be hair free for 4 weeks after you have used it for awhile. Any one else use one? &&& anyone willing to share their pet peeves that seem so minor in the scope of the BIG issues we each have?

09-20-2008, 09:43 PM
Hi Nancy Joy,
I had the same concern as you about shaving. But after the surgery, I really didn't notice, I was much more focused on feeling better, and when I did start to feel better, I went for a waxing.
I was also obsessing over showering daily (and on my own), hugging my boyfriend, putting on my own socks and shoes...
Everything worked out. It will for you too.

09-20-2008, 11:00 PM

I agree with Nancy Joy about shaving. I had to ask someone to help me with shaving. But it makes you feel wonderful when you can shave. You are going through so much already that having a little pampering feels great.

I recently found that if you shave with conditioner on your legs on a regular bases then your hair doesn't grow as fast! I wish I would of known that years ago when I had my surgeries.:D;)

But glad to pass it on to anyone else.

During my first surgery when I was 14 I had really long hair and it got in the way, ALOT plus it was hard to maintain. Bless my mother! But when I was 23 for my second fusion I cut my hair really short (bob style) and I missed my hair but it was easy and nice and helped to feel refresh.