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JAN 76
09-15-2008, 02:03 PM
Hi All,

I am due to have my surgery with Mr Daniel Chan at Exeter Hospital, Devon, UK.

Any other members due to / or have had surgeries in this area?

(I have attached pics of my back below)
31 yrs old. 51 and 38 's' curve.

09-24-2008, 05:11 AM
Hiya i had an op on 21st May this year at exeter with Mr. Khan it is a nice hospital and the ward was lovely and the nurses are great, there are i think 3 wards you might be on they with me anyway allocated the bed once i was in recovery and that, i cant remember the ward name i was on.

I was in for 9 days but they normally discharge after 5-6 i was in longer due to having trouble getting my pain meds under control cause of another illness i have there are things im not allowed to take, but yeah all in all the hospital is clean and very nice and the patients who where on the ward with me where lovely we had a good laugh actully.
I dont think i met MR. Chan i met MR. Khan and MR. hutton i think his name was not intially sure on that though.

When is it you go in?


JAN 76
09-24-2008, 03:00 PM
Hi Angela,
Good to hear from you! I go in on the 10th November...so pretty soon. I'm trying to exercise and stuff in order to get a better recovery. How long before the op did you have the bending xrays? Did they admit you the night before the op?

So you've not been in recovery long then. How's it going? How shocked were you to see your new back? How well have you adapted?

I'm so sorry for all the questions!


09-25-2008, 01:45 AM
Its ok i was like you had a lot of questions aswell. I had bending x-rays at my pre-op which was only a few weeks before.
They did say to admit me the night before but if everything is ok at the pre-op then they gave me the option of going in on the morning they think that is better cause you are not worrying about it as much, and the ward that you would be on if you got admitted the night before hasnt really got much there like TV or that.

It is going ok i have had a bit of pain in my hip the last few days and ribs but i think that is due to overdoing it a bit at the weekend but i will tell you every little pain you get if your like me you worry about it thinking has somethng gone wrong, but try not to worry to much there is bond to be pain afterwards.

i didnt look at my back for a few weeks afterwards but my mum said she couldnt believe the diff and that was the day after, they are very good there and the results are brill depending on a few factors you might get a better correction or might be little worse but either way it will be great, and the pain i had before the op with walking and that of course was there for a few weeks after but then i had no pain.
Saying that though dont do a me i had no pain and thought i could do anything and i ended up in quite a bit of pain cause of it so dont push yourself and dont rush back into things, take it easy for as long as possible.

You go in on a monday i went in was meant to be tuesday for op weds but i went in weds morning they told me they only do these ops wednesdays must have changed.
Well all the best and anymore questions please ask.

P.S. The internet on them little TV things is really really slow you have to be patient unlike me and i ended up crashing the system :D