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07-24-2004, 07:05 AM
Hello all. I am new here. I am frustratingly searching for answers on the web, and maybe you can help me here.

I am a 43 year old female, and was dx with scoliosis in 2001, after complaining of back pain - and showing the doctor how my front top rib on the left side was slightly protruding and causing me pain. I already had DDD and a mild herniation in the L-S area for many years prior. Two months after this was dx in 2001 , I was rear-ended in an auto accident, which caused a great deal more lower back pain.

In the last 6 months, the front top rib on my right side has begun to protrude to the point that it is very noticible. I have constant back pain, the most painful being in the lumbar region. My doctor looked at it the other day and told me the obvious - it was rotating more now. In 2001, he mentioned that it wasn't a huge deal, since adult scoliosis doesn't progress at the rate that it does when you are much younger. Well, now with my part of my chest sticking out after only 3 years of finding out there was even a problem - I don't exactly call that a slow progression. Where does it end?

I have had problems with severe leg pain, and bowel and bladder function as of late, and though they are not terribly bad, they certainly do interrupt "normal" life.

I had a L&S series of x-rays done the other day, and will be going in for an MRI in 2 weeks.

Okay.....after this babbling of my history....my question is this: when I look on the net inquiring about rib rotation, it only talks about the posterior view. I can never find anything about - or anyone who has - ribs sticking out in the front. How do I find anyone else who has this problem and where can I find medical literature that speaks about it?

I didn't even give you all of my medical hx. It will chase you away if I do! ;) Hopefully this little bit will help. Any help you can offer me will be deeply appreciated. Thank you so much for your time in advance.

Snoopsta :)

07-24-2004, 11:54 AM

The ribs usually rotate to the back on the right and to the left on the front. So, if what you've got is really a rib hump, that could be an indication that there's something more complicated going on. If you can get to a doctor who specializes in scoliosis, I think you'll get answers quickly. You can find a list of specialists here:



07-24-2004, 03:59 PM
Snoopsta,,, I am 48. I had A/P surgery for my scoliosis on Aoril 9th and 13th, 2004. My ribs poked way out on the left side of my body iin the front and I had a hugh hump in the back on my right side. My sternum was off to the right of my chest instead of the center. After my surgery, the sternum is now back in the center and the ribs on the left in the front are almost normal. To other people they look fine. I had a 79 degree Thorasic curve and a 44 degree lumbar curve. My curves have been corrected to a 22 degree thorasic and 18 lumbar. Also, I no longer feel the jabbing sensation in my lungs on the left side. Where do you live? My scoliosis was discovered when I was about 13 and we lived in Japan, my dad was in the military. Nothing was done about it. When we lived in Germany, when I was about 18 they again did nothing. I thought it must be no big deal. About 7 to 8 years ago I started to get back pain on and off. When I started getting the jabbing sensation in my lungs I started to get a little concerned. My primary doctor did x-rays and immediately sent me to an ortho specalist. Luckily, the same day that I saw her the surgeon was also there to review my x-rays. I didn't have very many options. I could have injections every so often or have surgery. We opted for the surgery because of my lungs being involved already. It's a very, very involved long surgery and a very, very long and slow recovery. But I am really glad that I did it now and will be healthier later on. Make sure you see a good doctor. Alot of my story is on the post "Just had surgery". Good Luck, Theresa

08-13-2004, 09:26 PM
Hi there,

I have an upper right curve of 47 and a lower compensatory of 30, and I've noticed that my left ribcage at the front is really sticking out. I assume this is due to the weird and wonderful rotations in my spine, but am checking it out with the surgeon when I consult with him next month.

Hope this helps (or at least gives some sense of unity in numbers...)


08-13-2004, 09:28 PM
p.s. You have emphasized the leg pain and bladder problems to your doc, right?? I have had disk problems, and my doctors have always said to be sure to tell them immediately if I had any problems with pain below the knee and using the bathroom.

Hope this helps. Laura