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Ginger W.
09-06-2008, 12:33 PM
Susie Bee had some questions about a device I recommended for her neck pain. I figured I'd start a thread on this issue, because others will be able to find some help if they go looking down the road.

I have experienced neck issues for decades. A lot of us "scolis" do not have the natural curve or lordosis in our cervical spines. So, we get bulging discs up there and PAIN.

Before surgery, I was greatly helped by THIS device:


In case the link doesn't work, it's a Saunder's Cervical Traction Unit. I stopped using it post-surgery because my fusions are close enough to my cervical spine that I didn't want to create any problems. However, light neck traction was so extremely helpful (like, it totally ELIMINATED my neck issues) that I am hoping to go back to it after a year of recovery. IF you are post-surgery and your fusions are lower down on your spine, you may be able to use this cervical traction thingy right away.

After surgery, I went back into neck trouble. Pam (txmarinemom) recommended a very gentle Neck Craddler which is technically named Dr. Riter Real Ease Neck Support. Pam referred me to the same supplier on the last link. They ship all over the world:


You simply lay your head into this device and it is designed to cradle your neck along the base of the skull and take the weight of the head off the shoulders and neck allowing the muscles to let go of their tension. I've been amazed at how well it works for me. I lay on the floor, put my neck in it and watch t.v. Just fifteen minutes a day really helps.

So, I hope that answers Susie's questions and helps other neck sufferers.

09-06-2008, 12:56 PM
Thanks, Ginger! That helped me understand. And others too, I'm sure. My neck problems are apparently arthritis related... so I'm not sure if that can help with that or not.