View Full Version : Shocked about how many people are effected by Scoli.

09-04-2008, 09:56 PM
Wow. I never realized how many people are effected by Scoliosis. I read somewhere recently that it was 2-3%. I wonder if that's right. Lately, I've been finding out that so many people have scoli. I thought I was alone. My locker neighbor wears a brace, like me. My swim coach has scoli. My English teacher's daughter had to wear a brace when she was my age.. My favorite teacher, my Latin teacher, is out for 6 weeks for surgery on her back. :( She has a pinched nerve. This was all because of scoli, and it's her 3rd surgery. These are just the people that came to mind, there are many more that I know of.

I guess, what I'm trying to get to, is that I'm just blown away by the number of people that have it.

Do you guys think that 2-3% is accurate?

09-05-2008, 11:48 PM
I've been thinking the same thing lately, since we are heading toward the surgery route, we have been finding an awful lot of people that have Scoliosis. In addition, they have had the surgery or wore a brace when younger. I keep finding it very odd if it's only 2-3% -- then at least 1/2 of them are in the Chicagoland area. Are you in the Chicagoland area?

I was thinking the other day about it I counted at least 10 people we knew who had scoliosis that we know just in our every day lives. There are probably more that have it but we aren't aware of it. Some of the ones I found out about, I was not aware they had the surgeries until they told me. DD also found out recently that another girl at her school is going to have to have a spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis.

09-07-2008, 12:34 PM
No, actually I live in Alabama. I can count at least 15, and I am finding out about more and more all the time....it's crazy.

It really makes me sad. :(

09-08-2008, 02:49 AM
I think its amazing really, when you actually find out that people you have known for a long time (and sometimes you know them REALLY well) have scoliosis.
Since scoliosis is an "unseen" deformity, not many people know about your scoliosis unless you tell them, and we all know that not many people walk around saying "I have scoliosis" all the time.
While we are a big "community" here, it is usually hard to find someone that relates to what you are going through. Then, after a while you find LOTS of people in your everyday life that know exactly what you are going through.
I think that 2-3% is accurate.