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loves to skate
08-27-2008, 02:49 PM
I don't do much ranting on this forum but I am quite upset right now. I got a phone call from Dr. Rand's office manager this morning and she started out by saying, "I should have called you last week, but I have to cancel your appointment for tomorrow because Dr. Rand is on vacation this week and part of the month of September." And I said,"I wish you had called me last week." And she said,"Well, I had some family problems last week." This was supposed to be my 9 month checkup. She said she could reschedule me for 9:00 AM on a day in the middle of September. I told her that for me to get into Boston by 9:00 AM (a 25 mile drive) would take me at least 2 hours during rush hour traffic, and I couldn't do that to myself. The next available appointment that she had was October 16th at noon time, 7 weeks from now. Maybe I am just being old fashioned with a different work ethic, but is this any way to run an office? I know that Dr. Rand is a very busy man and he deserves to have a vacation, but I really don't think his office manager is doing her job. She did the same thing to me last year when Dr. Rand went on vacation. My surgery also got postponed a week when Dr. Rand went to a seminar on the day my surgery was scheduled and when I asked him about it, he said there was a communications error. This same office manager screwed up getting a prescription faxed to my pharmacy in a timely manner after I called her three times about the prescription and was told the Dr. hadn't signed it yet. Come to find out, the Dr. had signed it and it was sitting on her desk waiting to be faxed to the Pharmacy. Hello! Another thing that irks me is when I call the office, she never identifies herself. I always have to ask , "is this _____? Also, I originally had to fax my MRI report three weeks in a row because she said she shredded it each Friday because the Dr. didn't have time to look at it that week. When I finally got in to Boston to see Dr. Rand the first time, they lost my original x-rays and when I let _____ know they were missing, they were not to be found anywhere. Do you suppose they got shredded also?

I guess my question is this, should I bring this up with the Dr. when I finally see him or should I just let it slide? First impressions are important and if I hadn't gotten a glowing recomendation about Dr. Rand, I probably would have gone somewhere else for my surgery and maybe not had such a good outcome.

I'm glad I got that off my chest! Thanks for any advice or any other tales of woe.


08-27-2008, 03:10 PM
Hi Sally,

The way I work is that if I have a complaint, in any sort of business transaction, I let it be known. I don't make things up to get $$ back or anything, but I detest incompetence. I think the doctor deserves to know how this woman is doing business.

I am very sorry that your appointment had to be scheduled out so far. :( That woman deserves a smack.

08-27-2008, 03:41 PM

Sorry about the delays - how could it be that you weren't told beforehand about Dr. Rand's (presumably planned) vacation schedule??!!!

I agree with Debbei - you should tell Dr. Rand in person about this person's utter disregard for other people. Given all the problems you've encountered, my guess is that this is happening to other patients as well. But I do disagree with Debbei about this woman deserving a smack - IMO she deserves to be fired!

And vent here as much as you need to - I ran into extreme incompetance with the local blood bank's lab that screwed up my sample and incorrectly reported a problem that was in fact non-existant; the kind folks here helped me see my way thru that mess.

Re "being old fashioned with a different work ethic" you are so right; I encounter this all the time - especially as I now am dealing with insurance companies, as well as getting the FBI to approve my fingerprints and complete my background check so I can get the license I am now required to have in order to perform my work - this is not an "old-fashioned work ethic" - our country is going down the tubes in terms of workplace competance; maybe it is attributable to bad parenting, or due to laziness, stupidity or lack of common sense. Sadly this is not uncommon. Thanks for letting ME vent!

08-27-2008, 03:59 PM
Sally-- if you do let Dr. Rand know (which I agree with the others on that)-- I would have those different episodes in writing. If someone hears of incompetence or problems that happened "several times" but doesn't know specifically what it was about, they might chalk it up to exaggeration or not remembering correctly. If you write it up, I would do it short and succinctly, so that at a glance you can see it easily and it doesn't look like a whole chapter to read... ;) You might also mention that if this happened to you so many times, then you are afraid others are also receiving incompetent "help" from her. And you would have considered going elsewhere if he hadn't had such a good reputation. Good luck! And to you too, Janet, with insurance and the FBI!!! :eek:

08-27-2008, 04:13 PM

I'm sorry you are having to deal with this woman. Its definately not fun, and I agree with the others in that you should mention this to the doctor, and also with Susie's idea of having it written down.


Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your insurance. I just had a fight for them to actualy cover me, as both my dental and health said my insurance lapsed, even though I had paid. I finally had my wife take over talking to them, and what she said to them got them moving. Coverage resumed the next day. :D
I hope your fight with insurance goes your way too.


08-28-2008, 06:06 PM
I went to a dermatologist office for a follow up appt. (I was a new pt. there 1X before this.) and 50 min past my appt. time I was taken to a room. The Dr. came in 10 min later and asked how I was. "Better then you, you must be swamped." He said "No, Why?" I mentioned he was running 1 hr. behind. He told me his exam rooms were empty and I told him it was because everyone was in the waiting room! While I was waiting at the counter to pay (Dr. not in my ins. group.) The Dr. confronted the front desk lady and the waiting room was emptied before I was done. I got a letter the next week telling me they didn't want me as a pt. WTH? I called the office Mgr. and she said front desk lady said I was confrontational. O.K. I get it I am not allowed to talk to the Dr. and point out that I was waiting 1 hour? Someone wasn't doing their job and got caught red handed then I get blamed? Found out the office mgr is Dr's wife. She told me front desk lady "has been there for years." and "you are a new pt." I guess that means she gets to be a screw up and I get axed because I pointed it out. LOL. Like I care. I was a cash pt. I can go anywhere.

loves to skate
08-28-2008, 07:02 PM
Thanks Debbe, Janet, Susie Bee, Brad and Suzy for your words of wisdom. I am generally not a confrontational person except when absolutely necessary, so I think I like Susie Bee's idea of having it all written down. Thanks for your words of caution Suzy. I don't think you were confrontational; you were just sympathetic to the Dr. and it backfired - rare bad luck. I plan on calling the office tomorrow to see if they can call me if they have a cancellation.

Janet, I worked in a hospital Blood Bank for years and that is one place you just don't want to make a mistake. I'm sorry it happened to you and certainly you had every right to call them on it. I hope you get your insurance straightened out (you too Brad) and the FBI thing also. I am fortunate not to have any problems with my insurance, but I think it is because I am on Medicare. They did originally refuse payment for phase 2 of my surgery, even though it was pre-approved, but Dr. Rand's billing agency fought them on it and I didn't have to get involved.

You guys are the best! Sally

08-28-2008, 07:20 PM
FBI & fingerprints & dry skin: I just learned from someone who also had problems with her fingerprints being deemed unreadable by the FBI (she and I are in the same profession & fingerprints are required to get new license) - she found a Live Scan operator who had her rub Corn Husker's oil into her fingertips - and the fingerprints were readable!! Who knew??? I will go to that same Live Scan operator to have my prints taken again (for an additional $80 or so, at my own expense)

Actually I am not surprised because my skin, nails and hair have been extremely dry since the 11 hours of anesthesia for the spine surgery (the sulpher-yellow chunks of dead skin falling off my heels at 1 month post-op were quite attractive). My hair still looks like straw, has lost much of its curl and is growing in very slowly. But I have a new body, so I'll just use tons of moisturizer on it :)

08-28-2008, 07:55 PM
Actually I am not surprised because my skin, nails and hair have been extremely dry since the 11 hours of anesthesia for the spine surgery (the sulpher-yellow chunks of dead skin falling off my heels at 1 month post-op were quite attractive). My hair still looks like straw, has lost much of its curl and is growing in very slowly. But I have a new body, so I'll just use tons of moisturizer on it :)

Right after my surgery my right hand went very dry and crackly. We had to constantly rub moisturizer on it. Today it is still a lot dryer than my left, in fact it really does not sweat at all. I used to be able to hold a basketball from the top with my hands, I can't do that with my right anymore as it slips right now because its so dry. :p