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08-26-2008, 01:01 AM
Becca had her first day of wearing her brace for 20 hours and I feel it went well. I can see that her spine appears straighter after removing the brace, however she is VERY stiff after taking it off. She wasn't able to touch the floor before, but now it seems like her reach towards the floor is even less. This is only after a week and a half. I hate to think what this brace is going to do to her after 3-5 years of brace wear! I worry about this AND muscle tone. Is anyone incorporating any other treatments while wearing the brace? I am maybe considering taking her to a chiropractor, maybe some PT and start her on an exercise program to include a lot of stretching that she can do doing her non brace wear??



08-26-2008, 04:13 AM
Personally I am very leary of chiropracters, a lot of them claim the moon, but all they end up doing is taking your money. However they can help some people, but as I said I am very leary of them.

Since she is so new to wearing a brace of course there will be stiffness, she just needs to get used to it. I wore a brace for 11 years, so don't worry about muscle tone really. I had an active, mostly normal childood. I played all kinds of sports, ran around, played with friends, etc... If she is really stiff afterwards have you tried massage to ease the transition from wearing the brace to not wearing it?

I would talk to your doctor about adding in some exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles. Those are very important to backs.Bu pretty much any exercise is good for anybody. :)


08-26-2008, 05:56 AM
I would talk to her doctor or brace maker. When my daughter was prescribed a brace, she was also given exercises to do when out of the brace. She was sent to p.t. to be shown how to properly do the exercises and then did them on her own. Kids in braces need to keep their back and stomach muscles strong.

Mary Lou

08-27-2008, 01:25 PM
Hi Kelly,

Katelyn's surgeon said that the best all around exercise for their muscles while out of the brace is swimming. He said physical therapy, while it wouln't hurt, is not nescessary if they use their time out of their brace doing something active. Swimming is his number one choice. Also, his opinion on chiropracters is that if they help at all, it is short term, unless done the rest of your life. He doesn't recommend them at all. Just wanted to give you another orthopedic specialist opinion. Hope it helps. Good Luck,


08-28-2008, 12:40 AM
Thanks for all the suggestions! We are doing GREAT with the brace. Doing about 20 hours of wear a day. She wears it to bed, takes it off in the morning for half to full hour while showering and getting ready for school. Wears it at school then takes it off when she get home for a 3 hour break.

She is pretty active. She LOOOOVES to swim so glad to hear that is one of the better exercises for her to do. I guess I need to take the kiddos to the community pool a little more often. She also is in soccer and has practice 2 days a week and a game on the weekend.

I have a friend that is a chiropractor that we are going to visit to get more information. I just want to try and do what ever we can to prevent the "surgery".