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07-12-2008, 01:29 AM
So here I am, up in the middle of the night, not able to sleep. I don't think it's worry, I really think I just had too much sushi last night for dinner and now I'm just SO thirsty :)

Anyway, my date has been set for Oct 15th. I have my pre-op testing scheduled with the nurse practitioner Sept 29th, and my last appointment with Dr. Neuwirth set for Oct 2nd. I will have a private room, and private nurse. The lady who coordinates the private nurses has her best friend lined up for me. :) I have to schedule my MRI for early September, as soon as I get the RX in the mail.

I had other medical stuff cleared up recently. Had to have an MRI for something they saw on my liver (GAK) from an ultrasound. It is a hemangioma, and is just a benign thing and nothing to worry about. My GYN recommended that I see a GI doctor for this. He said that anyone who didn't have major surgery coming, he'd just send for an ultrasound in 6 more months, but he didn't want me to worry. I do feel much better. My blood results were all good, so I'm fine in the 'gut' department. Also, had to have a repeat pap because my last one wasn't good, and this came out fine too. (acutally after my first bad one, I had to have cervical and endometrial biopsies, which came back fine thank God) So I was't TOO worried, but I was a little anxious.

I have been exercising regularly for 2 months now. My treadmill at least 4x a week, and for 2 weeks now I have been using my total gym. Cautiously, but regularly. I am feeling stronger overall, except for my right leg. :( It isn't weak or numb, but since December it has been hurting in my upper, inner thigh, and never below the knee. Lately I think that may be changing. Once in a while I get flashes of a wierd sensation down in my lower leg. BOOOOO :( I will tell the doctor at my next visit. Maybe I should call about this ahead of time? I wonder if they'd have to look at anything differently, or request anything differently on the MRI? I will call the NP on monday to see what she says. I guess I'm having this surgery at the right time.

My daughter (9 years old) and my hubby are being very sweet. Jenna (9 year old) said yesterday that after my surgery, it will be her job to feed the dog for life :) , as I was saying that I won't be able to bend like that any more. My husband is doing everything he can to get me comfortable now, and after the surgery. He's making this a really good summer for me.

One more question: How many of you rented hospial beds after the surgery, and how long did you have them for?

07-12-2008, 11:00 AM
Debbe-- sorry you were up when you should have been sleeping! :( But it does sound like you're getting all your ducks in line for the big day, so that's great. Good for you for doing all you can to be ready-- all that exercising will pay off. Let us know what your doctor says about your right leg and your other concerns as well.

Keep up the good work-- and enjoy your family! Jenna-- and your hubby too, sound like they will pamper you and shower you with TLC. :D

I didn't rent a hospital bed-- my doctor discouraged the idea, so I went with what he said. I was comfy enough (if you can call it "comfy") with extra pillows in our regular bed. I still sleep with one under my knees. This bed is one of the higher ones, so was fairly easy to get in and out of. I know LOTS of people have said they rented a hospital bed and loved it... again, that was not an option for me.

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07-12-2008, 11:50 AM
Hi Debbe,
My bed is also a newer higher bed with good support and a layer or softness on the top, not exactly a pillow top, but soft none-the-less. I love my bed. Sally

07-13-2008, 08:54 AM
Hi Debbe,

It's great to hear you have your dates set and are doing so well with the prep. How sweet of your husband to make this summer so special for you! And I'm guessing you might have to remind Jenna of her promise to feed the dog for life....hahahhaa - it just reminds me of all the promises kids make their parents to convince them to get a pet...

I would definitely mention your new leg pain to the doc just so that he's aware. I know in my case, my doc found something he hadn't expected and I ended up with fusion with correction, instead of fusion without correction. They will basically fix everything they can find once in there. There is a lot that static xray's and MRI's don't reveal.

I found the first week at home to be one of "adjustments" as you learn what works for you specificially. I didn't think I would need a raised toilet seat, but it's been very helpful. My hubby had to raise the legs on the chair that I use in the LR, and we had to find the pattern of the specific five pillows I need to be comfortable sitting for a short while (for me the key was making sure I did not lean back at all, and a big pillow on each side that helped support my sides and rest my arms close to my side). My bed was too high, so he tried the bed on the floor which was too low, and then raised that with 4x6's and now it's perfect. It just takes patience to be fussed with so much...I'm kind of an independent person, so it's hard when someone has to help so much.

I can't believe surgery was already 10 days ago. You anticipate for so long, then, boom! It's over and you are on the road to recovery. An exciting place to be!

Enjoy your summer!