View Full Version : Bye Bye Boston Brace!

07-10-2008, 07:52 PM
You read the title correctly! WE'RE SAVING FOR A SPINECOR BRACE! I am SO excited! I can't wait for the leather underwear and all that excitment. :D HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! *does happy dance* Tell me if you had a boston brace and if you got a spinecor if you think it's better or something like that or something!

-Lexi :eek: -

07-10-2008, 09:48 PM
I'm so happy for you!
I only hope when my Doc does tell me I need a Milwaukee that my mom will agree with me like she does now and get a Spinecor. But I'm really happy for you!
Tell me how it is when you get it!

07-12-2008, 03:34 PM
I will! It'll be a while, but I definitley will!

=Lexi= :D